Fungi Friday || Two Types of Mushrooms, Psilocybe cubensis, Common Rustgill mushroom

Hello friends, how are you all today. hopefully we are all still in good health and can participate in activities smoothly.

For Mushrooms this Friday and this is my contribution #FungiFriday hosted by @ewkaw

This Friday I'd like to bring back some very interesting mushroom pictures I've gotten my hands on. Of course, as usual, we, as mushroom lovers or mushroom hunters, always display beautiful mushrooms on Friday.Today I have prepared two types of mushrooms that have quite an interesting look that I found in two places. Mushrooms are plants that usually grow in damp places either on the ground or on weathered wood.In this world, there are indeed quite a lot of mushroom plants, both of their kind and the very attractive colors found in mushrooms.

I myself really like mushroom plants because for me this plant has pretty good fiber and pretty good posture too. There are mushroom plants that grow on the ground which have stems and then the top is very much like an umbrella opening when it rains Then there are also many mushrooms that grow in places where the wood is weathered and there are usually a lot of mushrooms that stick very tightly.Mushrooms are also plants, some of which can be consumed by humans and have a pretty good taste. There are also mushrooms that cannot be consumed because they contain poison in them so it is very dangerous if we consume them.Mushrooms that can be consumed are of course the mushrooms that many people are really after because these mushrooms can be sold to restaurants or other eating houses at high prices.In restaurants, usually they also provide many menus of dishes such as mushrooms which have been processed into very delicious food.

in our area this mushroom is called cow dung mushroom and some people also call it Psilocybe cubensis.This fungus can thrive in cow dung places, yesterday I also found this fungus in cow dung and I can see this fungus growing very well. This mushroom has a small stem and a length of about 4 cm and at the top has a veil like an umbrella opening when it rains.I've asked several people about this mushroom, and they say this mushroom is one of the mushrooms that cannot be consumed because it contains poison. although this mushroom can not be consumed by humans but this mushroom has a very attractive shape and posture, of course anyone who sees this mushroom they will love it.

This second mushroom display is the Common Rustgill mushroom. This mushroom is large in size and the shape is also almost the same as the mushroom on top of which they both have a veil at the top like an open umbrella. These mushrooms grow in soil where many other plants around these mushrooms grow. At first I didn't see these mushrooms because they were growing in the bushes and at that time a neighbor of mine told me about this mushroom. therefore I cleared the location where this mushroom grows and took some pictures of this beautiful mushroom.

All right, all friends, those are some mushroom pictures that I can show you today. hopefully with some pictures of these mushrooms can keep us all entertained and become beautiful pictures when we see them.Don't forget my thanks to all my friends who have given me encouragement and the opportunity so I am very happy. On this occasion, I can still display my pictures.That's all for today and see you later in my next post.

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