Largest Fungi Finds

It's a beautiful Friday morning here and it's the perfect time to share some of the largest fungi that we've seen and photographed in different places. I didn't have the chance to write about them on the previous Fridays so today is their day. And so without further delay, let's dive into them, shall we?

The Red-Belted Conk

This was seen in another province when we were going down from our hike to the Blue Soil Hills. It is a lot bigger than my palm so one wouldn't fail to notice it.

It was growing on the stem of a large pine tree which had been cut perhaps for months already and left lying on that part of the hill.

Here's the underside of it. You can probably tell it's huge, thick and hard. Apparently, this type of fungi can be used as a tinder. Hmmm, interesting! I never thought this could easily burn nor it's a good igniter.

According to Wiki, this kind is quite destructive and "cause enormous annual wood volume loss of Alaska’s major tree species." Source

The Hand Fan

This next one was seen (and touched) somewhere by the boundary of the lowlands and the mountains sometime in December. We were visiting the place to check on things when we noticed them lying on top of the concrete bench by the garden.

They're thin and wide, probably measuring more than 8 inches across which resembles the size of a regular hand fan. The owner of the place said they took them from a tree trunk.

Unfortunately, Google Lens cannot identify them so I don't have any further information nor what they are called. The app says they are Bitter Brackets but reading the description, I think it is incorrect so allow me to just call them "The Hand Fan Fungi," lol!

The Antique

The husband found and took this piece out from a dead log (last year or it may have been in 2021) and we had it placed beside our outdoor plants. I initially thought of painting it to give it some colors but dismissed the idea and decided to let it just be.

It's been long dead and dried so its underside has a lot of cracks but I'm glad they aren't falling apart. It's woody, thick and measures about 6-7 inches across. I did wonder what type of fungus it is but because I don't know, let me just refer to it as "The Antique Fungus," haha!

It's been fun naming them but please do share if you can identify them. Thank you and this is my contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw.

Cheers to a fluffing Friday everyone!

Photos are my own. 27012023/09:15ph

Smile... laugh often... love more... be happy and grateful always!

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