Come to my forest - I show you mushrooms that look like…

Friday, 10th of February 2023 [45]

Well, I’ll leave it up to you to decide what they look like. I didn’t want to be rude and finish the sentence, that I heard from my friend one day a few years back.

‘Tina, most mushrooms look like that to some extend’ - I answered.

‘Come with me and you’ll see what I mean!’ - she said.

‘You’re clearly obsessed with mushrooms- you’ll love theses!’

Not like I needed much of a persuasion anyway. I love mushrooms and above all I love forests. #ForestBathing I used to call it.

If I was to find 0 mushrooms, I still enjoy the forest walk. So does Tina.

It’s mainly the dogs that make her go for these walks though. Back then it was just Lady.

Lucky dog she was. From an abusive breeder straight into loving arms of Tina and sometimes me (mommy No 2).

And that forest of ‘hers’ is beautiful indeed. It was a late Autumn 🍂 and a bit rainy that day, but we put our wellies on and we embarked on that journey to find the exceptional mushrooms.

Before the mushrooms we found some quirky looking trees. I can’t walk past unusual trees and not capture them.

Finally I found one mushroom:

‘No, not this one, silly’ she says.

So we continue walking. Passing by some pretty cool coloured leaves.

And finally we found the mushrooms Tina was talking about. Stinkhorn mushrooms!

Some were already eaten by something.

Some were bent to the left.

Others slightly to the the right.

All of them very interesting indeed!

One more close up at the darker type.Did you notice the sticky top too? Well, like I said… I will leave it to you, my readers to decide what they look like 😉

We continued on our walk around the forest. Lady loved it just as much as we did. She was completely soaked and ready for a bath after this.

Speaking of bath… I just had mine’s too. I also died my hair, cause it looked completely grey at the top. Now pondering whether I should book a train ticket and join my friend on the trip to London for some dancing tomorrow? 🧐

Happy #FungiFriday everyone. This is my Valentine’s edition for @EwkaW 😍😇

Until next time 💙

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