Fungi Friday: The mushrooms are all dressed up and ready to party!


My friends and I are ready to party. We cleaned ourselves up nicely with a nice long, hot shower and are looking nice and neat.




We took a whole bunch of selfies before the night began. Everyone is trying to grab the attention of the camera and I had to tell some of these people NO DUCK FACES. They never listen, sorry about that.

We're going to visit the hottest new club called The Dinner Table. We've never been but hear great things.


We threw a little salt and pepper on ourselves before visiting a new salon called The Skillet. This place is hot and I mean that literally. We walked in the door and noticed this place was slippery and smelled amazing. The lighting wasn't so great and to be honest it was a little dark for us all. I ran my finger across the floor and noticed it was melted butter. Yum.

We're all flopping around in this place having a great time while getting a nice tan.

You can't overcook a mushroom so when you're making a meal you never need to worry about this.

"Who said that?" says the mushrooms in The Skillet. Hmmm must be the invisible narrator.


While the mushrooms cook away having a great time you can prepare the rest of your meal. I often like to add onions to the mix, you'll need to pay a little more attention to them. They become sweet and fragrant in 5 to 10 minutes. These are only side dishes to our main course. The main course can be anything you wish, I usually pair it with a nice steak.

We're up in the skillet having a blast while some friends dropped by. Hello my onion friends, get in The Skillet as quick as possible as we love company. They oblige and we mix it up having a great time. We mushrooms get a great tan while our onion buddies become a little translucent.


All done, ready to hit this club called The Dinner Table. We arrive fashionably late and the bouncer lets us pass without issue. We arrive on the plate with a nice placemat underneath us. Some strange objects to the left and right of us, someone says I know these things. A fork and a knife. A tall object sits beside the plate with a long stem and what seems to be a cup attached to it holding some form of liquid. One of the onions smells something and says WINE. I'm not sure what that is but smells like grapes.

We all order some drinks and move to the dancefloor. The steak stays at the bar as he's not a big dancer. We start having a great time. Check out this move says one of the frisky fungi. LOL I got a video of you and it's going up on hive, you better believe it! We all dance the night away on a #FungiFriday and have a great time. We know how to party!

A little something different for the #fungicrew. Keep it fun and silly.

My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

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