Fungi Friday: Look up once in awhile dum-dum

I learned something new from the last posting by @mipiano. Look up, up and up once more for good measure.

I'll be wandering around with my nose close to the ground looking for all types of fungi. Checking behind logs or a little ways off from a water source. I never seen them near the water, I guess they can't swim or aren't sunbathers? Who knows.


I forget that I did find one waaaaaaay up in a tree. I turned my head and found one nestled up in a hole in a tree. Nobody is going to disturb this one as it's at least 30 feet in the air. Maybe some squirrels might nibble on it but certainly not me. I might charge the tree if you startle me by mistake haha


My zoom is awful but you get the idea of what's in there.


Something must also be mentioned about this weird looking tree. Did you notice that huge broken limb sticking out there? Very strange, as if the tree was fishing and using this as a fishing pole? I don't question nature and just go with the flow.

I must have taken numerous photos here but as you can see the blur has taken hold and I'm sure I must have taken at least 50 other shots that have since been deleted.

I like my fungi and they sure do come in all shapes and sizes. One smart fungi for sure and knows the perfect spot to grow undisturbed. This one must wake up with their morning coffee and gaze out from this tree enjoying nature too. I know they must pull out their phone specifically on Fridays and browse the FungiFriday community seeing what the other fungi people are up to.

Oh yes, I see @ewkaw wrangling up all these fungi people

@mipiano, I see you have a ladder strapped to your back for your next fungi hunt

@karbon, 5.1 million fungi? You are in mushroom heaven!!!

@akukamaruzzaman, you've got the macro touch

Another fun Friday as usual with the #fungicrew. Have a good one and a great weekend! 😀

My contribution to #FungiFriday by @ewkaw

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