Fungifriday in the clouds a little disappointed, and in the end I and so on.

hello all friends, as usual, for this special price we will gather again here in the #fungifriday community. on this occasion, I will discuss several things and discoveries about mushrooms,tell a little at length about life, of course it's not a problem,

the first time i went mushroom hunting, very unpleasant.because the location my friend chose didn't have a lot of mushrooms growing there,I was a little angry with my friend because the location he chose really didn't have any mushrooms growing,only a few types and that I found there. I've seen it many times in other places.I was very annoyed, but my friend was still excited to go around there and look for the mushrooms there.I can only surrender, because in that place it is very boring,because the only ones there are lingzhi mushrooms,while the lingzhi mushroom is very easy for us to find,

At that time it was already 06.00 in the afternoon,I keep calling my friend to take him home,But he didn't want to go home yet because he didn't find enough mushrooms.In the end I left my friend was immediately rushed home alone,On the way I got so annoyed with him I thought this Friday I can't join you guys.But what happened friends,,As soon as I got home I was surprised by my mother, when she found a large pile of oyster mushrooms,And there are so many mushrooms that even a full bucket,

Mushrooms 1 bucket more or less as much as 2 kg of mushrooms,This is really my first time seeing it, because of the discovery of that many mushrooms,That's all my mother found, in short, some or half of the mushrooms were cooked with instant noodles,And some of it is fried with a makeshift chopper,Those who have tried this type of mushroom, you must already know about the taste.

Because I was so happy I immediately went into my own hands to become a chef for a moment,Mushrooms that have been separated into two parts, one part is cooked with instant noodles, and the other part is simply fried using spices,The one who cooks mushrooms with instant noodles is my own mother is my own mother,While the chef who cooks with spices is myself,

This is a very unpleasant war, because my kitchen is still very simple,While the cauldron that I use is also a very cheap brand,Please understand all my friends,

This is my story episode about the mushroom times,
This is my contribution to the #fungifriday community hosted by @ewkaw

My last words, for all of you are healthy. And happy fungifriday

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