Fungifriday a mushroom that resembles a rose flower

hello dear friends, we are gathered again here in the #fungifriday community of course all of us mushroom hunters gather, to display the types of images we find,than this opportunity, only two types of mushrooms that I can display and that I can present,

The first mushroom, in my opinion, is very unique,why do I dare to say that, because the leaf part of the mushroom resembles a rose that is blooming,because I have never found a mushroom where the leaves are split like this,strange but true, that a mushroom resembles a blossoming rose,
this is my contribution to the #fungifriday community hosted by @ewkaw

You can see that this one mushroom if the leaves are split is the mushroom leaf split due to natural factors or is it the will of the almighty,

and this second mushroom he resembles an ink mushroom,but all of you must not be fooled by its shape,because I've noticed clearly that it's not ink mold,how to grow exactly the same as I mentioned earlier,because his body was in a crowd with a large number,but after I search this mushroom can be consumed,but that's just information that I've heard, but what's clear is that I don't dare to consume it because it's the first time I've found it,

We can all see how big this mushroom crowd is,On that day I really didn't see the different types of mushrooms between the two,Very many types of mushrooms that I foundVery many types of mushrooms that I found. But I've already shared So I just skip it

That's all I can say is that in the future we meet again, hopefully we can all get together again,

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