Forest bounty - Velvet foot

Another bunch of Velvet foot mushrooms was waiting for #FungiFriday in the same woodland, although not in the same spot. They are the most common since they appear to enjoy the local climate.

They didn't have the gelatinous sheen they had last time, which confused me. I had to check with Seek, and it says yeap - Velvet foot shrooms.
In my language their name is baršunaste panjevčice.

They grow throughout the autumn-winter season, which explains why we bump at each other all the time, and they got their name from their look, which resembles velvet.

Most often they can be found on a willow tree. It is edible, and in the diet, it is most commonly used in soups and stews since they are tough enough to be fried in the same way as mushrooms are typically prepared. They can also be dried and ground into powder. They are minimal in calories and, due to their high protein content, are excellent for skin maintenance and fighting eczema.

I tried to find some recipe on the Internet, and along the way I found out that they can also be pickled, but there was none of actual recipes.

If you do decide to make them, it is best to cut the caps into slices before adding them to the meal.
According to the Internet, they are bland on their own, thus cooking them alone is not suggested since you will miss out on the true flavor that mushrooms otherwise provide.

I would have picked and dried these if I had found them in a less contaminated area than this woodland.

Feel free to share your experience if you ever got a chance to experiment in the kitchen.

This group is a bit older than the others, the caps have already shrunk and the color is much darker. However, in the mushroom world, it appears that it is time for reproduction, as indicated by the scattered mycelium.

Gills were well spaced and ideal for photography, that explains why I was half an hour behind during the walk. There were so many of them, in all stages, how to resist?

And for the very end of my participation today, teenage group.
Pass us by, don't you see we're basking in the sun, don't block it and do not bug us anymore.

My modest shroom contribution to the #fungifriday by @ewkaw, I've learned so much about shrooms lately trough this community, besides the fact I was enjoying them on my plate whenever the chance occurred.

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