Showing Off The New Face of HiveLIST! New Classifieds and NFT Marketplace!

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Hello everyone! We want to welcome you to the the latest updates from HiveLIST! We have created out @Hive-Engine #outpost thanks to the help of @reazuliqbal and his wizardly dev skills dealing with me in general, lol, we got the new interface up and running!

This site is the blockchain side of things. It has taken over the domain which was what the original condensor site was hosted on.

This outpost is WAY better than the old condensor!

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Menu shot on desktop
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You see the menu ties in with the main page as well! It also gives a link to the Tribaldex market for trading LIST tokens.

I have set it up to where we have easy access to dedicated categories. This helps due to the complete lack of a Hive search function outside of the Peakd search interface, which the best attempt we have right now. But to help with that, we added a dropdown menu on the desktop in the header and then on mobile it is included in the regular menu.

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This puts focus on the categories that are the active Hivelist tags. The Hivelist tag itself gets abused with spam too much for me to put any real focus on it.

On that note... Promoting posts is so easy! This is a way that we go through on this account and @thelogicaldude will also promote posts as well. We promote posts that properly use the platform and don't try to use the tag just to earn token rewards.

To promote or reblog a post, simply click on the 3 dots and choose your option! Any LIST used to promote a post are automatically burned, which decreases the already limited supply of LIST tokens.

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Once promoted, you will see a promoted tag on the post
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We will be making posts also sharing and promoting the 'Promoted' posts, most likely using @dbuzz for quick microblogging promotion.

And Now for NFTs!!!

We now have our own native LIST ran NFT Marketplace! It is built on the same interface as the @nftshowroom and @tribaldex OpenHIVE platform, but runs on the LIST token!

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The whitelisting process is simple and automatic. You fill out as much of your profile as you want, and make sure you have enough LIST staked in your wallet, which the requirement is 1000 LIST tokens, and enough to pay the whitelisting fee of 100 LIST. Once you fill out and proceed, the process happens quickly. You may have to refresh the page. Then you will be able to mint NFTs!

The fee to mint NFTs is a base fee of 30 LIST and 2 LIST per edition. So if you are minting 10 copies of an NFT, you will pay the base fee of 30 LIST then 20 LIST for the 10 editions, for a total of 50 LIST tokens. Pretty cheap when you consider the price of LIST versus HIVE and the costs that the other markets charge. These fees can change and may if the price of list rises and stablizes in the future.

In Conclusion and Next Steps

We are really excited about the new interface and hope you enjoy it as well! We have done just about everything we can at this point to bring as much ecommerce value to Hive as we can build. At this point it is just attracting users, building the classifieds community, and adding to our ecommerce library!

Next step in the process that should be up and running at the first of October will be the first LIST Diesel Pool with rewards! More details on that later, but we will be offering rewards in either LIST or COM tokens, or possibly both if we can run 2 distribution contracts on one pool, still waiting on that answer, lol. But that is still to come, for now enjoy the new HiveLIST!

Oh, we will be backing up the LIST Staking Club update for when we release the diesel pools. It's been a busy month of building and we need to get caught up on the administrative stuff.

Have a good week and see you on the blockchain!

PS... This is the first post from the new interface!!!

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