Extra Scene of Abi Enjoying Full Back Body Massage Using Massage Oil

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Here it is, I share this only for Lovely People and Good People who support me through Patreon. This is my third Extra Scenes for September, there would be more to come shortly.

Abi and I have been friends on social media for years, I remember him in high school the first time we chatted on messenger. Abi is a cute guy, he is a cat lover, he just turned 23 years old. The main reason he visited me was because he wanted to see my cat.
Abi came to my house again last week, as usual we mostly talked about cats. During our conversation I abruptly asked him about his sexual orientation. Abi said he is gay, but has never had relationship with men. He is just to shy to start a conversation with other guy.

I hope you like this particular video as much as I like making it. Thank you very much for your support.

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