Ios-Windows Operations | Lecture 02 | How to download and install itunes app on Windows Pc and Xender on iPhone

Hi everyone, welcome to my second how-to lecture on iOS-Windows Operations. This week I will be teaching something that uses a little bit of what we learned last week. We will be learning how to download and install iTunes on Windows PC and Xender app on Apple Device(iPhone). This will make use of the Apple ID and Microsoft account we learned to create last week as we will be using the App Store and Microsoft Store respectively.

To the average iPhone user, their iPhone is not very compatible with their Windows PC. Would you be surprised if I told you you just didn’t have the right tools? Using an iPhone with a windows laptop can be stressful sometimes because you can’t just plug in your USB cable and copy your movies or pictures like you do on android. Well, you’re in luck cos I am here to teach you how to install 2 great tools that allow you to copy files between your phone and windows laptop and a lot more.


In this lecture, I’ll be showing you how to download and install these apps for now and we can do the file transfer in next week's lecture, so don’t worry. Let’s get into it then.

Step 1 : Downloading iTunes Alternative

This step involves downloading and installing the iTunes for windows app on your windows PC.

Screenshot (213).png

  • Then I click Get it from Microsoft. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, you can easily create one and if you can’t don’t worry, I taught this in my previous lecture and you can refer to it to learn how to do this.

Screenshot (213) - Copy.png

  • After clicking get it from Microsoft, I click Get on the next page and it asks for permission to open iTunes in Microsoft store on the next page. Then you click Open Microsoft store

Screenshot (215).png

  • Once Microsoft App has opened, we click Install and we wait for our download to begin. You need to make sure you have sufficient data bundle as the file is a bit large.

Screenshot (216).png

  • And voila, iTunes is downloading.
    Screenshot (219).png

Step 2 : Installing iTunes

  • After iTunes has been downloaded successfully, you click on Launch, click YES for the permission pop-up and the iTunes app will be launched.

Screenshot (223).png

Downloading Xender App on iPhone

  • We find all our apps in the App Store so I open the App Store


  • Then I tap the search icon on the right bottom corner, and I search Xender


  • From the results, I choose to download the first one by clicking the cloud button right next to it. It is a cloud button in my case because I have installed this app before and the cloud button just basically means something like Re-install. If you’re downloading it for the first time, you should be seeing GET there. Once I click the cloud icon, My Xender app starts downloading and I simply wait for the download to complete.


  • Once the download is complete, I tap OPEN to open the app.


  • My Xender App is ready


It is as simple as this. The lecture coming next week will be building on this lecture and we will be doing some awesome stuff with iTunes and Xender so make sure you have your iTunes app and Xender installed for next week’s lecture. Enjoy😉

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