POB Photo Contest New Round - DECORATIONS

clp8zfat700umalszg4cb5l5x_received_850565419885144.webpMy Entry

clp8zfj8x0011tjszeks0f8cy_received_3684172028479594.webpChristmas Tree at Jollibee

clp8zes1m01xu9kszdb181s3l_IMG20231111095852.webpChristmas Tree at the Hospital

clp8zf25901z4d7sz8wjn6n60_IMG_20231122_071636.webpChristmas Lights Angels

Hello friends! I'm still quite busy here at home. Then this is the second day my son has fever. Yesterday he had a sore throat, today he says it's a bit better but he has a little cold. Maybe because of the cold breeze of wind, it's ber months us usual. That's why he didn't get to school today. Last Friday, Intrams at their school so half day. On Monday, there was no school because the jeepneys were on strike. Yesterday was a boy scout and a girl scout. There are many activities but their school is a bit late compared to other schools.

About my entry. First photo at Jollibee, we ate there when we went to LTO Sta. Cruz Laguna. Christmas tree at the hospital when my daughter had her check up because of stomach pain. Here in our country, when it's ber months people start putting up Christmas decorations. That's why the Christmas holiday season celebration here becomes longer.

But here at home I don't have any Christmas decorations hehe. I'm still busy, maybe next year I'll put it up. The kids have also started caroling in the houses this November. Christmas songs will also be heard in October.

This is my entry to Pob Photo Contest Themed "DECORATIONS", initiated by @friendlymoose.
That's all for now, I'm doing laundry today.
Have a Lovely Day!

November 22, 2023
08:22 am PST
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