I had tried to melt the magical coin. It didn't work, for some reason it refused to even get hot. Someone had just tried to steal it too.

If I expect to keep my parents safe I have to do something soon. Someone broke into the house! I definitely can't leave this thing unattended again.

I dug around in my closet until I found what I was looking for. A small pouch on a leather cord. It was a present from Uncle Denny, when he went to Arizona. It was filled with a little sand, a small piece of turquoise, a feather, and a chunk of pyrite, or fool's gold. I put the coin in, and slipped the cord over my head. It would stay with me even when I slept.

I laid down and tried sleep. An hour later, I gave up. I got my laptop and decided to do some research. If this is such a valuable artifact, it has to be listed somewhere, right? Wrong! Despite being an expert googler, I came up empty.

I finally got some rest, and in the morning decided to go visit Ella Harris. She and the shopkeeper from The Source were my main break-in suspects.

I am neither a scientist nor a magician, but I can certainly see the causality. A coin is thrown, a man disappears. A vehicle rolls over the same coin and also disappears. It's definitely not a coincidence!

Hiding the pouch under my shirt, I walked past the Harris place. Nobody was around. Deciding to come back when she was outside, I strolled towards the next block. Knocking on the door seemed like a very bad idea. No way was I going to be alone with her!

The old shopkeeper gives me the creeps, but it's daytime. I can be careful to make my entrance when he has customers. This mess has to end.

Entering the building right after a young lady in a dress that looks like a silk rainbow, and hair dyed the same colors, I went directly to the counter while she browsed. She didn't seem to be in any hurry. This was a good thing, since I was leaving when she did. If not sooner.

"Hello Sir, I know that you said that you didn't sell the coin I showed you. But you did say it's rare, and that you are willing to pay a good deal of money for it. Can you please tell me everything that you know about it?"

The man seemed to be taken aback. He didn't speak for almost a full minute. "I actually don't know too much about it. But there are several collectors who have approached me. They gave a detailed description, and it matches what you showed me. I am serious about the offer I made, and my promise to keep the object in case the owners return to claim it. Things like this tend to increase in value over time. It would be like a retirement fund."

Just then, Ella walked in. She saw me, and casually strolled over. I quickly guided her outside, not wanting either of my suspects to hear the other talking about the coin. What is SHE doing here?!?!?!

"Hello Miss Harris, how are you today? Did you find what you were looking for yet?" I asked her, smiling.

"Unfortunately not. That's why I'm here, maybe someone found it, and brought it here to sell."

Involuntarily, my smile disappeared. A tight knot formed in my stomach. Think fast! "Uh, that's why I'm here too. I just asked, and he doesn't know anything. Maybe we can try other shops. There are also a few pawn shops on the other side of town."

"Sounds good! If you are willing to help, we can split up. The sooner we find it the better!" She said, excited.

"Of course, but why is this so important? Couldn't you just get another one, or tell your parents that it's not there?"

"No, it's sort of one of a kind. And it has sentimental value. I know it's too late to keep looking, but perhaps you can make a list for tomorrow, and we can get an early start? Meanwhile, let's stop for some donuts?"

I agreed, and we also each had one of the shop's exclusive hot chocolates. They are perfect! Ella was interesting and kind, but neither of us asked any more questions. We walked back to Main Street at a leisurely pace. I saw her to her driveway, and a short time later I was home.

I went to my room, thinking maybe a more general search might give me a few answers. Anyway I had to make the list for Ella. I opened my door, and saw a disaster area!

Someone had ransacked my room! What a MESS! Ella hadn't had time even if she had done it then raced to the shop. So that left me with one main suspect.

My coin collection was scattered all over the floor. Cleaning up the worst of it, I then went to work finding my coins. As I started to put them back in the folder, I noticed a small piece of paper. "Sell it" was carefully printed in pencil.

I have to find out more about this coin, I thought grimly.

Photo by Wendelin Jacober from Pexels and edited by me

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