My First Power Up Thursday And My Introduction Post!


No, it's not my first time to power up! Just my first #powerupthursday that I have posted about :) ... This power up was extra special because I also staked my #POB tokens. I am just beginning to truly explore this new and interesting community full of Brainiacs.

While it's true that I have been on Hive a few days over two years, my real activity only began a few months ago. This was brought about originally by the death of the first platform that I actually wrote on. @dreemsteem told me about Hive's vast universe and wonderful people!

Of course I checked it out right away, but at first really couldn't get into it due to missing my former home. But now? I'm here every day, even when not posting am article :) ! Who knew Hive could be addictive! It should come with a warning, lol!

After getting mixed results with my first attempts at exploring, I am slowly but surely finding my way around. The two communities which have supported me from my first post on are @freewriters @theinkwell - thanks so much for making me feel welcome :) And a special thank you to marianne for introducing me to freewriting!

I would also like to thank shadows @dreemsteem pen blue for helping me to learn how to navigate through this vast and complicated Hive, and become a very busy Bee!

I wish I could mention everyone who has made the beginning of my journey here a joy, but this would become a book instead of a fun little post! So I will end this lovefest by thanking all who have replied to or upvoted a post or comment I made!

If you are also a new Bee, you are probably discouraged by your results. Don't bee - once you find your family, you will bee both successful and addicted!

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This is a 100% power up post!

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