My Best Hive Highlight

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I could talk about several highlights which are Hive related. Those are true honors. But they happened primarily on Discord. So despite them being huge, and extremely impactful, I will focus on something which happened entirely on Hive itself.

That one thing was #cometweek . A contest run by @wil.metcalfe to encourage engagement. And may I say, the prizes were significant? But the best things are that it sparked my old passion for comments, and helped me to meet some awesome people.

I honestly had never spent too many hours per day on Hive before then, despite slowly but surely expanding my circle, and becoming addicted to Hive. But Cometweek pushed me to get back into it, like I used to on forums.

I had never liked social media, and only used it for helping to build wrestlingdesires and a few other places that are close to my heart. But Hive is different from social media. It feels more like a home. And I am loving it!

Those weeks were the most fun I've had on Hive, and I have actually replicated the fun for myself with a month long comments spree! I hope to get 10,000 comments before 2022. Will I make it? I don't know. But I am already a winner, in the memories made and people met.

I would like to thank everyone who made this highlight such a special memory. You know who you are! I won't be tagging you though. It would either turn into a novel or leave too many out. Neither would be fair :) ...

Some people might consider hitting a numbers milestone as a highlight, and there's nothing wrong with that. The numbers represent something important. But for me, the thing that was important was getting fully settled into Hive.

And Cometweek was when that became finalized for me. I knew beforehand that I wanted to spend time here. But I wasn't sure if I should equally split my time among several platforms, or focus primarily on one while still keeping my friendships on the others (and maybe bringing them to my main home).

Digging deeper into Hive and discovering its wonderful heart made the decision easy. Hive is now my main home, permanently!

Yes, a platform has a heart. Think of it as a collective. Some places just feel good. Perfect? Certainly not! People are not perfect. Neither are man-made places. But Hive feels like such a positive place to me.

Is your 2022 resolution to become a Hive success story?

To anyone who is feeling discouraged that you aren't being seen, go get seen! I know that you are thinking "easier said than done" but it's the truth. Find posts that interest you and comment. Even if the post is a year old or more, if you have something to add? Go for it!

Commenting and still not being seen? Double check to make sure your comments are genuine. Not just there to announce that you exist. Try connecting with someone else. Not everyone is inti engagement unfortunately. You can't force it if they are not interested.

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