The kind girl named Ari…


There was a girl I knew back in college who always fascinated me. She would plan all kinds of events with her friends and needless to say, she was quite popular. She was beautiful and smart, and a ton of guys liked her. She had plenty of friends. The interesting and A-typical part was how she behaved.

I watched how she paid close attention to people who might be left out. People who would otherwise be too shy to attend. While lots of people who looked like her were interested in drinking and schmoozing with their tight friends, she would walk straight over to the wallflower and talk with them. She’d sit with them and listen to how their day was, she’d ask about their life.

Slowly, the shy person would come out of their shell, then she’d bring them over and make some introductions. I watched as the parties grew bigger and more wonderful.

There was one time I will never forget. All of us were standing in a circle together. Excited about our weekend plan to go.

swimming in the river up in the mountains. Everyone was thrilled about it, except for a nerdy guy we barely knew who was standing with us.

The room buzzed with talk but he stayed quiet. She looked over at him and told him to come with us. He looked so happy you could almost feel it. I asked her later what prompted her to do that.

She said she knew exactly how it felt to be excluded or forgotten. What she learned from that experience, was that she wanted to do the opposite in life. Her kindness touched many lives and was inspiring.

A kind person’s inclusive nature, whether it’s innate or learned, will open your life to people you’d never otherwise met; people who would add to your understanding of the world around you. With more insight comes wisdom and with wisdom comes a life well-lived.

The problem with kind people

There is one major problem with kind individuals folks...

"They are way too difficult to find"

If you are blessed in life and find a truly kind person to love, you’ve struck gold. Keep your head on a swivel, my friends Kind people aren’t impatient with you, they value you and the time you spend with them.

I'm out.

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