Time capsule, Survivor

After a few hours, Charles was left alone in his abode. Back to his peace and quiet. He got into the bathroom and took a shower. He felt joy as the water dripped down his face, he felt purified. He got into his pajamas and hopped on his bed. Switched off the light and shut his eyes. Wait! Hold up a second. The time capsule. Where did I put it?.

He turned the lights back on and started searching. Did I put it in the cabinet? The closet? Where?. Then it clicked. The drawer! He opened the drawer and there it was.

"Okay, let's find out what the message is''. Charles opened the capsule and found a tiny piece of paper in it. The handwriting was hard to understand. It looked like a Greek language. Charles immediately got to work, trying to find out what it meant. He went on the net and downloaded a translator and keyed in what it said.

"Oh lala. Today is your lucky day. Run like you never did and don't turn back. The date is 12th September,12:00am, we shall invade" the capsule read.

Charles immediately looked at his calendar. It was 11th September, 10:00pm by the clock and it was still ticking. It seemed like the hands of the clock were going faster than usual.

Charles tried as much as possible not to believe what he just read but the fear became overwhelming. He gathered some of his belongings and started a journey to nowhere in particular.

He still felt the fear in him. He couldn't help but wonder what would happen by 12am. Invade? Invade what? What or who wrote the message".

He finally settled at a hotel after an hour's drive. He got into his room and decided to complete the sleep he didn't even start. He switched on the television to watch the news, that was the fastest way he would sleep because the news always got him bored and sleepy.


Tonight's news seemed different from others. The location seemed familiar, wait, was that his house on TV?
What's was going on there? Was it connected to the time capsule? Many questions flooded his mind and they were answered instantly when something caught his eyes …. "We said we'd invade and we did" was written in the wall with blood.

Charles' mind was immediately taken back to the time capsule. He was lucky to have escaped. A lot of havoc was cause in that neighborhood. The time capsule gave him the message and sweet little Sophia helped him to find the capsule in the first place. Sophia saved his life. At this point, Charles didn't know what happened an didn't care to find out either, good thing he didn't die.

The end…

With love, wongi 😊

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