My highschool adventure 005

This was me minding my business one of the days and munching on the jollof rice that was given to us. The position I was in didn't allow me to eat until everyone else did. I was supposed to see that the whole school including the boarding parents had eaten. Omor, I tire. I did. I ensured that everyone ate.

The boarding mistress at that time who thought that I should be working and eating at the same time came into the dinning room to lead girls back to their hostels. Typical of her, she came to the ss3 row first. "All of you should move to your hostels". Ahaa, technically, they had finished eating and we're just hanging around and having some chit chats and so she was very justified.

I on the other hand was by the pillar munching with two of the foodie friends. Funny fact was that one won't believe that those girls were foodies. It seemed the food went somewhere else but not their bodies. The boarding mistress passed us and saw that we were trying our best to keep up with time and she turned and decided to attack me, wongi! Mba mba! Noo! I won't take that! Eat your food fast and leave this place! . My mind wanted to say something but I shut it immediately. I didn't want to utter a word. The way she demonstrated while talking was very amusing.

She finished talking and was about taking her leave when some if my mates laughed. I don't know what they were laughing at but all I know is that that laughter put all ss3 girls in trouble.
"What did you people just do?"
We paused in track. Surprised that the woman was back already.
Vee, one of my the girls I was eating with asked "madam please what did we do".
The woman sparked. "You're asking me what I did? Ehn! You just laughed at me and you're asking me what I did".
Me I didn't even send, I was badly hungry and I kept eating until the woman turned to me. "Wongi, who just laughed". I was puzzled.
"Ah madam...laugh..where.. how.. it wasn't from us ma".
"So now I'm deaf! I can't hear again. So you mean to tell me that none of you laughed". At this point, the way she was speaking was funny enough but I stifled the laughter that was about to come out from my mouth. I couldn't eat again, she just took away my eating spirit.


"Ma, please, it's not us that laughed."
"Drop that plate and follow me!"
ah ah .. a girl child can't eat a plate of rice peacefully?
We followed her and we landed in the Chaplin's office. She charged us with a lot of crime which included calling her deaf, laughing at her, not eating properly..the list was looong!

"Dee, I've known you to be a very good girl. Your siblings too have always been good. Vee, you are a very good girl too. Wongi, since your js1 I've known you to be an honest child. So tell me, who laughed"
Me I was thinking of the snacks I'd take since the rice was taken away from me. I just kept. Very straight face. " If you were the one in here shoes, would you like it?". The man interrogated and did all he could and finally. It ended with a task. He told us to fish out the people that laughed. How on earth were we supposed to do that!


Our mates were all tensed. Whoever got into the Chaplin's office never came out the same but drum rolls we came out the same like three gangsters, lol, no scratch no nothing. A week later, after we couldn't find the person or people who laughed, all girls were punished for a week. But to this day I wonder, what if it was someone else that laughed, maybe a boy, a junior student or what if no one laughed at all. I just wonder.

Thanks for readingā€¦

With love, wongišŸ˜Š

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