Share capital - The profit you don't see

I don't need to come here to tell you the truism that everyone in the hive and its sub-communities loves financial gain. What we also have to remember is all the social capital built on this platform.

Even many of us with 4 years on the platform since S*****t, we know that everything is still very new. And that next to other social networks, we are very small in number of unique users.

However, the profit that many of us end up leaving behind is the social capital that we create, and this cannot be measured very often in values.

I'm recently talking to several friends and introducing them to the platform, however, instead of letting them out here for them to learn by themselves, as it was with me in 2017, I preferred to teach them how not to make mistakes that I made in the beginning , and ways to prosper for example:

  • Losing the password: When I made my first account, I didn't pay much attention to keeping the password well, and a month later I ended up losing it, so I had to make a new account, the one I've been using since then

  • Better formatting a text: Nothing is more comforting than reading a well-written text and not just disconnected single words, I always try to alert my friends who join the community about the importance of making a quality post and how much it attracts curation

  • The importance of commenting: I try to stress whenever possible that interacting with other users is one of, if not the best way to grow in Hive. You being an active person who is interested in interacting with other people makes a good impression, and people will want to interact with you back.

A live example that we have in POB is @absolutfreedom that has been around for a short time and has already made several friends, and is managing to achieve his goals.

So it's always good to remember that profit is a good thing, but what we generate here in terms of content, friendship and the name we build day by day also has great value, and it's a value that we don't see through numbers like we see our balance on the wallet.

And if you're new, or want to try to increase your financial profits at POB, don't forget to join PobTalk every day, there you can meet new people, answer all your doubts with the users who pass by, and if you're lucky you can still win the sweepstakes.

It's completely free. Come chat with us, just click here. We are waiting for you.

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