Rent cards or try your luck in a chest? Dilemma of every last day of the Splinterlands season


Every end of the season I question myself, risk moving up a few more league positions and open more chests, containing the luck of getting more rewards (variable profit or loss), or do I rent all possible cards and guarantee the DEC in balance I have a certain profit?

This doubt hovered over me and I decided to run some tests.

My cards give me Power to reach without having to rent any cards up to Silver 3. However, by renting cards and thus increasing my Power I can reach Gold 2.

This causes more chests to be delivered towards the end of the season and I am lucky to get more and better cards, or even DEC rewards.

During 3 seasons I rented cards with 5 days left to finish the season (at that time up to 5 days the price had not varied much from the beginning of the season so I was paying a 'fair' price, in quotes because it's just opinion, I didn't do any fancy math, but I knew from what I know the cards that they were worth that value). So I ended the season in Gold 2 and opened several chests.

During the last two seasons I decided to do it differently, at the end of the season I put all my cards to rent, some ended up not being rented which made me finish the season in Bronze 2. Consequently, opening fewer chests.

For the rental of pretty much my entire deck, I got an average of 2,100 DEC.

So I went through the histories of my past seasons and what I was getting, it wasn't even 1,000 DEC, that is, I won a few more cards, but in the end I wasn't making a very big profit.

Looking at the game prism, ok, I was getting more cards.

But it was neither legendary nor gold, which made me able to buy a much larger amount of cards than were coming in the additional chests as I moved up the league.

Until now I will continue the strategy of renting the cards, the fixed profitability is higher (ok, if I have the luck of a golden or legendary card the gain would be exponential), at the moment I don't want to risk chests.

And you? What strategy do you use? Do you think mine is good or is it wrong?

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