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As we all know, the @proofofbrainio account is not a very active account in the community, he must have his reasons, but I think someone with a responsibility his size (taking care of a community) should be more active.

As we do not know the day he will appear again, let us build the path to be followed. In order for the community to have a minimum of stability about its future, I propose the governance system that I will describe below.

This article will be edited every time any rule changes, the changed rule will have linked the post to which it has changed so that it is a timeless post and can be accessed at any time by any user who wants to be aware of how governance will work.

Governance Members

According to the latest publication of @interpretation, we have 3,707 investors in the POB.

Art. 1: 5 (five) people formed the council, to start designing decisions on the direction the community will take.

Art. 2: The 5 members will not impose any rules, they will be a kind of council that will discuss issues of concern of the community, look for a solution and then present the community as an official statement from the community.

Art. 3: For greater ease of dialogue with small members without representation, each member must be from a different country.

Art. 3: Every user can compete to be a member of the council.

Art. 4: Profiles that do not wish to identify their country, but would like to compete, will be represented by a non-country, and will also be entitled to a place among the 5.

Art. 5: If there is more than 1 member from a certain country competing, there will be a prior vote among the members of that country, where they will vote for which one will represent them.

Art. 6: If there are not enough countries to fill the 5 places, the remaining places will be used by the remaining users.

Let's go to an example for better visualization: Brazil, Nigeria and Canada decide to compete for one of the 5 vacancies. No other country or non-country decides to run for the remaining two.

The primary representatives of the 3 countries that presented themselves will get the initial vacancies. And the two that are left will be available to be played by any user able to compete.

Aptitude to compete

Authors and Curators will be on an equal footing to compete.

Art. 4: The minimum staked requirement to compete for a vacancy will be 100 PobPower. (merely illustrative value, yet to be defined)

A symbolic value, since any author who decides to run seriously will likely make a post bringing his views on various issues to the community and his supporters will vote up his post so that he gets the 100 POB.

Art. 8: Any curator can compete as long as they also meet the minimum requirement of 100 PobPower.

Who can be a curator? Anyone who owns PobPower and votes for someone else, not just themselves.

Art. 9: To compete, the user will have to receive 50% +1 valid votes from the members of his country.

Art. 10: When a member of the country does not vote for anyone, the vote will not be valid.

Art. 5: In case of a tie, the other members elected for governance will vote to choose which one they want to be part of them.

Governance Period

Art. 6: The period that the user will enjoy the governance will be 2 months.

Art. 13 : After the period, you can apply for the post again if no member of your country or non-country is able to apply, or if there are no other candidates.

Art. 7: After the period, the user can try a role again if there is a majority of the community.


Art. 8: The PobFund balance can be used to bring improvements to the community.

Art. 9: The user who brings improvements to the visual interface of the community, as for the code, can be paid with POB from PobFund.

Art. 16: As it deals with the economy of the community, this POB can only be used if the 5 members voted positively for the proposal.

Art. 10: For the transaction to be made, the multi-signature system will be used

Art. 11: A publication will be made to bring transparency to the community, about which project will be financed and which the user will receive and how much he will receive.


Art. 12: Any article can be changed if the community wishes.

Art. 13: This publication will keep revoked articles and edit new articles, and another publication will keep only the current articles for better viewing.

Remembering that this is a draft, which will be changed according to the comments in the post until we have a group of users forming the de facto governance, and then with articles being changed and added by them

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After 1 week (which I hope the community admin shows up), reading the discussions and making the changes, I will post the definitive version, which will only contain the articles, and then in the future it will be edited keeping the original and revoked articles scratched.

Check out the post from @amr008 with additional information essential to the debate

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