October, moving city and stake 100% in POB

This post may be long, it won't be entertaining, let alone teach anything, but it will serve me a little bit as a diary (to help with psychological purposes (not recommended by my psychologist, but writing about the issues has always helped me, psychologically, ie empiricism)).

The month of September started with me outlining many goals, projects and ideas that were being developed and some even starting to come out of the paper and going into practice, but the entire month unfolded 100% contrary to plan (and I can attest 100% that it was my fault, due to some acts that I'll list in a next paragraph), and so I ended up making very few posts on my main profile, I ended up not paying much attention to PobTalk, which made it drop the number of interactions drastically , as you can follow in the @interpretation weekly reports.

The month started with me ending the relationship, and only this line will expose on this subject, as it is something that does not concern just me so I don't want to talk about third parties. It was my decision, where at the time I thought it was the best decision.

After that I went to a psychologist, as I was not able to focus on the activities I should have as college, academy, continuation of the projects I had started, one of them together with @ralexandria which consisted of a way to spread the hive (I still hope to return this project that is stopped due to my question of not having the head to continue running it), make publications on POB and encourage PobTalk so that there were more engagements.

The psychologist helped me to see many things that I needed for my life, and I strongly recommend that anyone who can go to a psychologist, follow her instructions, it helps a lot in your mental health.

In the midst of all this my college exams started and I had to dedicate myself to them, because they went back to being face-to-face, because before they were being done remotely because of the pandemic. So I had to again focus my brain on an action, because I wasn't dealing with overloading it and this ended up again giving a lower performance for Hive.

Towards the end of the month, a company I served last year called me again to see them, and then I traveled to have a meeting with them over the weekend, which culminated in the posts I made where I tell them I forgot my suitcase. and had to buy some clothes.

At the end of this business trip, they ask me if I would not be interested in moving to the city and providing this service in person instead of remotely. And I thought for a few days and decided to accept.

I'm moving to another city, and now I'll have a job that will pay my bills, this way (now here's why I use the LeoFinance tag, as we're going to talk a little bit about finance), I've decided that it won't be necessary for me to stay anymore taking out the POB so I can pay the bills. So I can now keep all my 100% gain staked and try to keep myself in the TOP10 of the RichList.

Probably this month of October I will still have to make some withdrawals to pay the bills for the apartment I live in here before moving to the capital, but I believe that with this POB savings I will be able to reach a great Pob Power by the end of the year .

I hope the story wasn't too tiring, and managed to give a sign of why things were slow and why they will return to normal but gradually. Thanks for reading this far. Hugs.

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