Objectives and Goals - Hive, Leo, Pob | August 2021

On July 1st I posted about my April goals, let's see what I managed to achieve and what the July goals will be.


HIVE: 1550 HivePower CHECK
LEO: 500 Leopower CHECK
POB: 19,000 PobPower FAIL
CINE: 2,000 CinePower FAIL

On July 1st I posted about my June goals, let's see what I managed to achieve and what the August goals will be.

Maybe the HivePower rewards I got this month were higher than I expected, as I hit the 1550 Hive goal easily, and I'm currently at 1620, or 70 more than I expected.

The second goal was to reach 500 LeoPower, which for the rewards I achieved. I currently have 484 LeoPower, but I recently sent 48 Leo to Kingdom CUB and 23 LEO to NoLossLottery, so I could have achieved 551 LeoPower, 10% more than the target. Much thanks to the support of LeoFinance users who liked my posts and rewarded me.

POB's goal was the furthest I was from hitting. Due to the price of the token having dropped considerably, just my authoring rewards weren't enough, so I had to withdraw some of the curation rewards as well.

As this month I had many commitments with college and helping my girlfriend to start her stream channel, I ended up having little time to be able to focus on all the tribes as I wanted. And the chosen one that I didn't pay much attention to was the Cine community. As much as I love her and her concept, someone had to be chosen and at the moment it was her and the other tribes that I didn't even put in the monthly report.

Now, let's go to the July goals.


Continuing at this pace, I think I might be able to reach 1650 HivePower by the end of the month, without needing PowerUp.


Continuing the journey of adding 50 a month, I hope to reach 550 LeoPower by the end of the month. I have several post ideas about finance and economics and I believe they can be good posts triggers for me to achieve this goal.


I'm going to go back to the June target and calmly try to reach 17,000 POB. I believe that this month will be calmer now, maybe some jobs will appear and if I can supplement my income with them, I can PowerUp all my POB and not need to withdraw anything. I think that would even make me move up a few positions in the rankings. But I will not create expectations.

Goals for the end of the month

HIVE: 1650 HivePower
LEO: 550 Leopower
POB: 17,000 PobPower

Thank you for the support of everyone who has helped me so far. Without you the way would be much more difficult.

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