Maximize Your Earnings - Essential Tips

The big mistake of many people who are starting with Hive and its tribes is trying to relate the social network aspect with other surface social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I don't judge, I did it myself for a long time, until I understood that Hive has a unique way of interacting.

You alone don't get very far here, at least I don't remember any accounts that grew without adding any value to the community and not injecting any money.

Come on for some tips then


Making friends within the community is just as important as making friends in your daily life outside of Hive. In addition to the rewards, it's great to know that people are reading what you write and responding to.

Just as you want to see your friends grow, they also want to see yours, so there will always be where you help someone and where someone helps you, we can't be the best at everything.

I may have some relevance in POB, but in other tribes I don't, hence the importance of connection, so that I can help people around here and they can help me over there.


Focusing on constantly improving your content is an important way to improve your rewards.

There are posts that have 3 lines, without any image, as if the person were posting on twitter with just over 200 characters. This is not something that appeals to Hive users.

You may find a niche that is adept at this and strengthen these publications, but I believe that there is not yet a relevant audience for this demand.

Trying to put at least a few paragraphs in your post covering the topic you want to write, putting in at least one image, and using formatting code are also great.

One that I love is putting the text in justified, for that you just put the following formatting at the beginning before starting the text:

<div class=text-justify>

And at the end on the last line


That way your text will be more aesthetically beautiful to read.

Use the Trending tab

Always log in to read what is on the Trending tab, there are topics that sometimes have a great reward for being dealing with some topic of interest to the community (not always, but most of the time).

Make a post giving your opinion on the topic.

But don't just say it for the sake of it, do it really bringing your point of view, regardless of whether you think people will like it or not. They will reward you if you give your point of view.

We are here to debate, no one has the right answer for everything, and as we are still starting the POB community, every idea is welcome.


As I said, POB is still a new community, there is a lot to be improved, implemented, changed, etc.

Your idea may help the entire community, but because of shyness we are sometimes afraid to give away our ideas.

Create posts with what you think you can change.

I believe there are a lot of users with great ideas who have a lot to add, and we would be happy to reward posts that bring new ideas.

Hope you helped with some tips, and hope to see them implemented, thus seeing more users with high rewards.

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