Let's take it easy, a pob daily post

My last post was 3 days ago, so I decided to come here to talk a little with you, nothing elaborate that we have to discuss for weeks to know what it is, just an interaction between users from the Hive tribes.

My college classes are back on Tuesday, I'm starting sixth period of law. I have a scientific research project due on the 30th. And it's very cold right now in the city. As I write to you, it is doing 1ºC with a thermal sensation of -3ºC.

And I can't find my gloves. I'm pretty sure I left them in the top drawer.

But no problem, I'm wearing a blouse, wrapped in a blanket as I write to you from my desktop computer. I use it to do research because it's faster than the notebook.

As my cell phone is charging, I decided to take a picture for the publication using the computer's web, and that was the result.

Behind me are those LED tapes, which we stick on the wall for my girlfriend use as a backdrop for the lives she does.

I have several agendas that I will bring next week, while I don't finish this research I won't be able to focus on a good text to deliver to you. But there are several topics I want to discuss.

I liked the format as I did with the maximum reward theme. I want to bring some topics without a certain model of how it should be, but rather address it, its pros and cons and see your opinion through the debate.

Also tell me a little bit about your day or week. The end of the month is always a rush for everyone. See you tomorrow.

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