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I recently got into a discussion about the Proof Of Brain Community Delegation Merit System.

According to the community administrator, the rule is as follows:

Unfortunately, even though PobTalk represents 10% of all community engagement, we haven't had that recognition yet.

I would like to know your opinion on how I should proceed, since you are the ones who make everything happen here and not me alone.

1 - Make a post on why PobTalk should be seen differently about Merit Based Delegations.

2 - Accept that we were ignored and keep trying to create our way with our legs as it was until now.

3 - Another alternative that I would like you to expose me in the comments.

It's very important for me to know what you guys think, and how I can act. Since, like it or not, PobTalk is a project already consolidated and I can't omit situations that can help it grow more.

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