POB TALK 25/06/2021 - #27

Interact with the community and receive awards.

A lottery chat post will be created daily, and for you to participate you just need to interact in the comments with other users. Want to talk about a topic, but still don’t have enough data to post about? Raise the topic and talk to others about it. Want to give your opinion on governance, UI, or even meet new people that you didn't know were part of the community, this is the place.

In addition to receiving votes on any comments that you bring to the community, you will also be competing for a prize for doing so.


At the end of the post, 3 users who interacted will be drawn, where the first will receive a full vote in a comment, the second a 50% vote and the third a 25% vote.

These votes will not hinder the trail, as it votes only on posts and not comments.


You can also try your luck in an extra lottery by purchasing a ticket. This ticket will give
you a number to enter an extra draw on the day you purchased, the week you purchased, and the month you purchased.

To get one, just transfer 1 POB to @vempromundo.pob, this will serve to increase the voting power, and consequently give bigger votes to the winners. (The limit you can purchase is 1 per day, if you transfer for example 10 POB, you will compete with 1 ticket per day for 10 days).

Good luck, and good engagement

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