Idle Money never grows - My Hive Goals (19th Sept. 2021)

My Hive Tree - Edited

One of the saddest moments in my fiat banking experience was when I had a lump sum in my savings account with the expectation that after a period, I would have amassed some tiny interests on the sum since it was not touched for months. My greatest regrets and sadness was when the sum actually reduced in value after about Six months and the debit was linked to "Bank maintenance charges". I had to pay in some more cash to be able to have transferred the intended lump sum for the purpose it was meant. That was the beginning of my hatred towards the conventional fiat banking.

I became conscious never to allow my money remain dormant when I knew that "Money increases when it moves or when it's active". Only a few understand this truth that money actually works when it's engaged on the right commodity, in the right place, and at the right time. Failure to identify the commodity that fits a place ad a time may also lead to another drastic loss. My experience in 2014 through 2016 would ever remain green in my mind. It was my attempt to set my money to work to yield residual income while I had other things to do, however, my choice of commodity was good, though at a right time and at the right place.


Then, I lost my $2,000 to an MLM which failed to produce the promised $300 monthly. The arithmetic that caught my interest in the investment meant that in Seven months (7), I would have had an interest that equaled the sum of my investment and the rest of the months would have been a bonus. I didn't test the credibility of the then "centralized" platform which I actually didn't know since I was not yet into crypto. Moreover, the time I made the investment was actually at the brink of the fold of the outfit. The emotional trauma and more I got was quite more than the sum I lost.

I had since learnt my lessons and refused to set my money to work until I came to know of crypto. Thanks to the #steemhostiletakeover and Steem-Hive fork that helped me to understand better the tenets of true decentralization, true community and how it can affect the outlook of a crypto project. I had at that point engaged oin more than 6 blockchain projects/investment options, however, my eyes was opened during the chaos to see the efficacy, strength and dexterity of Hive blockchain which has become a base for my crypto investments.

There are no regrets after 24 months of Investment in Hive's second layer.

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It all started with SPORTS token curation in August 2019, then MARLIANS, DBLOG followed though the two didn't survive into Hive. At the dawn of Hive in March 2020, LEO became the interest and through it, the curation portfolio was further diversified to include NEOXAG, CCC, LIST, CTP and some dividend tokens like INDEX, LBI as well as miners like CTPM and LENM. I'm glad that each token was engaged at the right time - the bear season and each was always succeeded by a powerful bull which boosted my curation earnings and helped to increase my Hive power over time. My latest curation token - POB is presently at its bear and I wish I can take full advantage to hit my grand 20k POB Power. Presently counting into 2k is very exciting and motivating.

Building some of the token Power to millions and Tens of millions is an exiting ride. However, some are making their smooth rides in their Hundreds, Thousands and Tens of Thousands. I had already surpassed my August goals for POB and LIST and looking forward to making new strides by the end of September. SPORTS< LEO, CTP is gradually taking s slow ride till we hit some reasonable POB Power holdings.


The goal is to put my money to work, in this case, crypto. Curation, to me is the best way to put our money to work and that can be engaged actively via manual curation or passively via auto votes where time is lacking. In all, it's safe, secured and truly decentralized especially as Hive-engine launches DeFi options to help create liquidity pools for Hive tokens. I see Hive tokens get stronger in value and use cases in the following months.

I am putting my money to work securely on Hive's second layer; what about you?

Thank you @Jongolson and @ph1102 for making me enjoy my ride with #MyHiveGoals. It's a true motivation.

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