Making the Unconscious Conscious | Our Suffering & Battles Are The Result of Our Own Lack of Compassion.

Our collective injuries have shaped us more than most realise. Our entire reality and internal emotional / psychological / physical conditions are deeply limited and formed through a process that mostly remains invisible to us until we learn how to be more aware and conscious.

It is very easy to become stuck, frozen and trapped by viewpoints that construct a personal reality that is based around conflict, competition and belittlement, but which is actually being powered not by the intelligence that we often claim to ourselves, but instead by fear, pain and denial.

When we desire and need something, whether it be care, love, acceptance or something more physical such as food, protection or even oxygen we can be imprinted deeply if we are unable to meet those needs. In those moments we can panic, blame, rage and be terrorised yet we tend to internalise most of this and never allow our real feelings to move and vibrate. Due to this, we effectively turn against ourselves and self hatred sets in on unconscious levels. We may not even notice this is occurring for many years (if ever).

Instead of awareness of our real state of discomfort and internal conflict/separation, we may project our issues outwardly onto others and blame them for our troubles. While self righteousness holds the viewpoint that this is absolutely the right way to be - the truth is that we deny our own responsibility here and as a result also block change and balance.

Compassion for self needs to be made a primary intention within us if we are to ever feel good and step into our own power. We need our own power as it is that which enables us to live and be supported in life. Power has been heavily judged and misrepresented due to it's misuse. However, it is not power that is wrong, rather it is the denial within us that has us misunderstanding the causes of things and being stuck only in the level of their effects.

Real power is found at the causal level of reality, yet most of society is very invested in deliberately never going to the causes and is very stuck going round in circles within effects instead. The mainstream medical and political systems are world experts at only dealing with surface issues - this is convenient since as long as no-one notices how limiting this approach is, then whatever change IS achieved seems heroic and no-one can complain too much at their failures.

However, real power is within reach! The causes of the events on Earth are within reach. We only need to end denial and get real about who we are, what we are doing within ourselves and choose to permanently heal, balance and evolve. We are all unique and our process to healing will be different to other people's - it may take us decades - but it is ultimately the only way to success. There is no food, technology or external rules system that can make up for lost love, lost sensitivity and the lost awareness we collectively experience due to our own denials.

Much of our problems begin with making judgements. These are thoughtforms that we create and latch onto as if they are truth, but they are not the truth. We need to feel them to know what they are. Judgements always contain a denial of some kind and thus they deny the truth. Our society and conditioning is mostly constructed on countless layers of half truths and denials that form a vision that is real enough to deceive almost everyone, but false enough to ruin almost everyone's lives.

Every moment is an opportunity for enlightenment, this is true, but it is specifically loving light that we need. Light is understanding, yet not all understandings are helpful or loving in their intent. We could spend our entire lives working out the ultimate way to torture ourselves, this would be a form of understanding and light, yet it would only be unloving light.

Loving light integrates emotionality, listens to them and feels their message, needs and purpose. Continued self acceptance and integration of more of ourselves leads to increased awareness, understanding and ability to transform our challenges.

There is no away around it - our systems are thoroughly broken just as we are internally at the sub conscious and unconscious levels. We can stay only on the surface of life or we can go deeper when we are ready. Surface dwelling leads only to suffering, despite us going numb in the process and deceiving ourselves into thinking we don't hold such pain and injury.

The key to healing here is in allowance of emotional movement as sounds. Our primal self is key and is emotional in no small part. In truth this is our own feminine essence that has been habitually denied for aeons in almost every way possible. If you stop your mental processes and just feel you may gradually notice more of just how shut down you feel and just how overly reliant you are on mentality. Beneath the surface is much more of you and our conscious minds are really just the tip of the iceberg of our currently largely frozen being.

As the frozen viewpoints melt, we are much more fluid and can join the rest of the evolving essence in our vast universe in a more free and empowering way!

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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