Die Within 14 Days of Your Covid19 Shot? Then You Were Unvaccinated & Died of COVID... So.. It's a 'Pandemic of the Unvaccinated'.. Yes..

Are statistics being abused in order to cover up injuries/deaths from COVID19 shots and to inflate numbers of cases/deaths from COVID19 itself?

People who have received COVID19 shots and who get sick or die within 14 days of having the shots are being logged as 'unvaccinated' when they visit hospitals. This is according to several voices I have encountered online, including this series of tweets that I found today from someone alleging to be married to a nurse.

He states, as others have, that this means that not only are vaccine injuries being buried but additional cases of COVID19 are even being created since many are falsely logged as being COVID patients automatically.

My investigation of the US VAERS adverse reactions database recently showed that the vast majority of people who get sick or die following COVID19 shots do so within 2-3 days - which has been confirmed by the experiences of numerous frontline medical staff.


source: Medalerts / VAERS

If we look at the CDC page on vaccination status we see that, indeed, people are not considered vaccinated until after 14 days of their last shot. So it makes sense that hospitals would categorise people as unvaccinated even after they have received 2 shots, before 14 days is up.

Defining people as unvaccinated in these situations is a lie - they ARE vaccinated, they may simply not have sufficient response from the process to be considered to have generated whatever protection they will get out of it.

Is it not likely then that when we hear the phrase 'pandemic of the unvaccinated' - we may actually be hearing a lie. This lie may be due to many reasons, but this issue of counting vaccinated people as unvaccinated when they are sick, could very well be a huge part of a very dangerous deception and denial.

As I have posted so many times already (such as in this post about Israel), the mortality associated with COVID19 very regularly shoots straight up in nations that rollout a series of shots, typically the day or 2 days later.

So if these shots are doing great harm, as the data shows that they are, then by logging patients as unvaccinated in these situations, we may grossly mischaracterising the data and the situation. Large numbers of people may be dying due to the shots and being classed as 'COVID deaths'. Indeed, this is exactly what seems most likely to me, given the weight of the evidence I have.

Admitting to this would be akin to admitting to the worst degree of malpractice, denial, criminality and possibly treason - so we can never expect anyone in the health'care' system or political system to speak up on this in large numbers. That being said, courageous people have indeed spoken to this, including many Doctors, Professors and other experts - see my list of articles on Hive for many of their testimonies.

Remain vigilant.

Wishing you well,
Ura Soul

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