The Journey Back To OurSelves! - (POB - WOTW)

Perhaps life is all about our spiritual journey, that desire to reach enlightenment. To become fully aware and connected. But we all have our own ideas about what that actually means and as we are so wonderfully diverse, so we should . But all too often, the journey we take, is in the wrong direction!


I have come across many people, who dedicate a lot of their time to go on spiritual journeys who even pay a lot of money for others to put them in the right direction. But so too often those professionals do anything but. I often wonder what the world would be like, if people did not have to pay to experience some of these ceremonies, with Shaman's and the like.

Traditionally Shaman's would never charge for their healing, they accepted whatever was offered and they were always taken care of within the community, they never went without. These days anyone can become a Shaman if you have the right amount of money to pay.

That is something that has never sat well with me. I do not believe, that you should be able to become a healer, just because you paid to do so. Call me old fashioned if you like, but I really think that is should be a calling. Right now, there are numerous people in the world who hold that title and are in it for the wrong reasons.

It should never be about making money it should be about helping your community, being available for whoever needs guidance or healing, regardless of whether they can pay you or not. I see so many ceremonies being promoted in the area I live in and they are all so expensive, certainly only aimed for certain people.

So what, those with low incomes are unworthy! Hmmmmm, that really does not sit well with me.

But I really am getting a little side tracked right now, because what I really wanted to talk about is the direction in which some of us go when we begin our spiritual journey. We believe that we need to look outwards, upwards even. Seeking out guidance from others, in order to gain insight.

What we really need to do is take some time to sit with ourselves, to journey inwards, to face our shadow selves and finally begin to accept the person that we have become. Some people find it really difficult to be by themselves, instead seeking out the company of others all of the time.

But how can we really discover who we are, if we first can not sit silently with our own thoughts and face the person we are.

I crave time alone, as much as I love to have a wonderful community around me, I need my own space. I need to take time to process things and recharge my batteries, which so often happens when I take walks in the wild by myself. There is a lot to be said for enjoying your own company.

I would like to see more healers, etc promote the importance of sitting with yourself, to promote more self empowerment, rather than this idea that we need others to show us the way. For sure there are times when we do, but in this day and age, far too many new age healers, are only in it for the status and the money. Encouraging others to keep returning to them for further enlightenment.

True enlightenment comes from empowering yourself, by finally realizing that you, are the only guru you need!

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