How I Speak To Myself!

I have been trying to focus more on how I speak to myself, especially now as my body is healing . I could have worded that last part differently, but our words our thoughts hold power, the power to create, so we have to be super careful about what we think and say. And for sure my body needs this time, to release and recharge.


I had a conversation with a friend of mine, a couple of nights back. Where I told them, how I have spend so much of life , holding onto different traumas, burying so many emotions. Holding them within, until they began to manifest in more physical ways.

How this year, I have finally opened wide, the doors to my healing. And in order to really aid this journey, I had to learn to finally let go. So what I am experiencing, is my body letting go, letting go of all that tension , that I have been carrying around, for far too many years.

So I am resting, as I heal and each moment of discomfort and pain is my body finally shedding that, which no longer serves it. The things that I refused to acknowledge and face, because somethings (I thought) were better off left behind. Left behind, so that they could create blockages and manifest into what I have been dealing with.

Somewhat in sync with this great unveiling, this purging that is happening all over the world, reminding us all, how connected we are!

So what are the stories you tell yourself now, as we undergo collectively, this huge transition. How are you nurturing yourself. I feel, we are all undergoing huge lessons right now, as we make such important choices about our well being and the freedom of all humankind.

This is a huge point in our stories, once we make those choices there is no going back, so we have to be informed and connected!

You know I hear so often, but how do you know that is true? I just know, because my body, which is connected to the earth, to the energies of the earth, understands that the truth is something you feel, you don’t need someone to tell you, a book to convince you. You just know! You feckin feel it! You trust it!

So as I heal right now and choose carefully what I say to myself, I noticed how often I was focusing on my discomfort when anyone asked how I as doing. Straight away, I began to describe my symptoms.

But now, now I begin, with how my body is healing. How I have finally begun to let go, to offload. That everything I feel, is nothing compared to what I have been through and how far I have come. That real transformation is fucking painful, but wow, what is awaiting me on the other side, well that is going to be fucking beautiful.

So I breathe deep, as I finally let it all go!





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