Your STAKE can earn

We hear all the time that staking is important. Yes, that's right. This is important for any blockchain as well as good for you. You can make it a great weapon to increase your income. It gives you more control over your income and enables you to achieve your goals.

Your stake helps you earn curation rewards. The bigger your stake amount, the bigger your income. You can get rewarded by voting for some posts. It earns you a lot more than a bank.


If you stake in POB token, your curation reward is much higher as a percentage. The POB tribe has given the opportunity to earn more rewards in less stake. This is one of the reasons why POB tribe has become so popular in a short time. If you want to get more curation rewards then you can stake in POB token.

I see that some people are selling POB and some people are buying POB. They are buying more POBs at cheaper rates and they are staking these POB. It is good luck for them. If you sell POB cheap then you are unlucky. But POB traders can do it according to their strategy. Because their job is to make profit by buying and selling.

Your stake is as good for you as it is for tokens. It increases the liquidity of the token. If you are a stakeholder then you are doing something good for yourself and the token.

Your stake gives you income and your income field is enriched by you.

I want to see you and your POB tokens stronger. Then keep the good work.

Thank you very much

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