Seems POB Muting proposal is Rejected


Democracy is the freedom of the people to make decisions. It is in the POB community that is being used for decision-making. Which can help you make the right decision.

@trostparadox has been posting proposals for muting for many days. He made last proposal post 8 days ago. But many have abstained from voting.
Many have voted. They did not vote for various reasons.

  1. It could be a barrier to freedom of the downvotes
  2. Muted users may be harmful to the POB tribe
  3. Users may refrain from various good uses of the downvotes
  4. Investors may be worried about POB
  5. Protesting against spam will be a problem
  6. The subject of muting has been disputed
  7. It can turn the proof of brain into Blurt

Some people have expressed their views against muting by posting

Downvoting Proposal on POB - Why I vote No to the Proposal by @scooter77

Vote No to the PoB Downvote Proposal by @melbourneswest

How does muting work with tribes? by @themarkymark

@clixmoney said on his post

Anyway, I like to see a clear picture of all this. I didn't participate in the proposal, not only because it has a lot of rules and stakeholders may be muted. But I didn't participate in this proposal because why the vote should consider the stake in a poof of brain tribe? Can someone explain to me now why I should participate?
Proof of Brain proposal with Proof of Stake vote !

Many have expressed their views in the comments.



@onealfa.pob has been voting NO since the early time. He was never in favor of this proposal.

The last proposal regarding muting has also been resected. YES voted comment Failed to get more than 50% stacked POB votes.


Not everyone is interested in muting. So I think moving away from this proposal is the right decision

Thank you very much

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