POBphotocontest New Round: CLOSE-UP

Good morning everyone ,

I hope you have an awesome weekend and good time for yourself and your love one.

This is my entry for POBphotocontest New Round: CLOSE-UP hosted by @friendlymoose

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POBphotocontest New Round: CLOSE-UP

When i was walking and jog around the park , this tree was continue making pop sound and this fruit keep land on the ground . This make me interest and make me take some photo of it .

I dont have any idea what was this fruit name but it seem it not edible because the bird around the park didnt touch it .

Do you have any idea what was it name ?

This is another close up photo of this fruit taken with Huawei P20 pro phone in macro mode (not that macro but close enough to get some details compare to other phone)

This tree was just beside the walkway . This is the photo with its tree :

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