Busker all around the world PHOTOGRAPHY contest // ROUND #1

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"BUSKER" is a person or group who sings or plays an instrument in public. Some buskers do this purely for fun, while others do it for donations from the public. Everyone busker has their own genre of music they love and play; we even see different kinds of performances from buskers that come from different parts of the world.

Busker all around the world PHOTOGRAPHY contest

// ROUND #1

I'm inviting you to share the busking photo through this contest. It'll be awesome if you have clips of their performance, which you can upload using the latest video feature in @ecency or at https://3speak.tv/. YouTube is also an alternative that you can use to upload the video if you are comfortable with it. But remember, the purpose of this contest is purely photography and not videography.

🕵️ RULES 🕵️

  • Every user only have 1 ticket to post their entry
  • Make sure to included #buskers in your tags
  • Use only your photo for the entry
  • Only photo that being post in comment below will included as your entry .
  • Please leave your post link with your photo entry if you make post about it.
  • This round #1 contest will end in 7 days from now


  • Winner 1st , 2nd and 3rd will be awarded 45% pool of post beneficiaries
  • All winner will also awarded with 100 ecency points

Please reblog or tag your friend so their also can join the contest party 🎉🎉 .
I wish everyone to have a wonderful day today and onwards . Cheers !

Shout out to my friend : @friendlymoose . Its gonna be awesome if this contest can be listed in your weekly contest list in hive .

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