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While currently on my tour through Kos island I thought about writing a bit about my accommodation since it is a bit unusual

Have you ever heard about glamping? No, not camping, but glamping. It was new to me and while searching about places to stay on Kos I checked out this type of accommodation. While I have camped a lot in the past there are a lot of shortcomings: the uncomfortable nights, the difficulty of cooking, the lack of "furniture" (chairs etc.) and so on. Don't get me wrong, I still love the idea of being outside in nature - nothing comes close to that, but sometimes it's also really nice to have some of those luxuries that we have now become so accustomed to.

There are several different tents available, the cheapest option basically being a normal tent and the most costly one being a large tent with air cooling and a TV etc. But they all have a bed inside which is probably already the best addition to a normal camping tent. SO sleeping should in theory be a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, the bed we had was way too soft, so I can't exactly say that I had the best sleep here... But the experience is vastly different to a hotel room. There are the night sounds (which can be annoying however- there was a rooster that was awake at 1 am... ) Of course one has to like the feeling of being outdoor in order to enjoy this kind of stay, but if you do, it is quite nice...


The place here also has a pool... as well as a restaurant. There were also plenty of activities ranging from Yoga to Archery.


There must be 30-40 tens here. As it is mostly sunny here, shade is somewhat lacking as this place is only about 2 years old and trees have not yet grown very big.



This is one of the cheaper options. But it is still far superior to a normal tent. However, showers as well as toilets are outside...


Whereas in this option the bathroom is inside the tent!


They were also doing a bit of agriculture. They had a bee hive and a vegetable garden as well as some goats and sheep.


photo_2021-09-15_13-31-19 (2).jpg


All in all this is a really nice place. Especially the people that run it are very friendly and make it special. How would you feel staying here?




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