Solitude_A long time loneliness

Solitude is the state of being lonely, it can also change one's life experience either positive or in a negative way.

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Over the years, there has been an old man, in an old house built with clay on my grandparent street.

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This old man does not look healthy, as his hair and his beard had almost covered his eyes from seeing, he comes out only in the morning for people to see he's alive, he does not talk or relate with people. Nobody knew what happened to him that he decided to ignore the rest people in the world.
My grandmother told me when I was younger that everyone met him on the street and no one had ever looked for him, just him alone in the old house.

Sooner or later, the elders got worried and wanted to know who he was but every other time they tried was in vain as he does not want to talk to anybody.

They went again like every other time to talk to him but unfortunately he was lying down lifeless and unconscious. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment where he was admitted for weeks for better treatment, when the man woke up and saw the nice and help people around have rendered, the first questions he would ask wasAre there still nice people in this world?, what generation are the people?, asking if he was dead, then people started to wonder what might have happened for him to ask those questions.

He got discharged from the hospital when he was well treated, the elders already prepared a nice place for him to stay and not to go back to his old house, his hair and beard was shaved and again was looking like a normal human being.
The elders since then didn't leave only him, they always come to share him up. This time they came, they asked him what really happened to him.

This man shed tears and said it was an human being that made him lonely, put him into long time darkness, shattered his beautiful life and rendered him lifeless. He started by mentioning names, those names were his wife and children, he said he was happily married with two lovely kids, he was a well known successful business man during his time who had different business partners.
He got a big contract that he needed to travel to carry out the work, he trusted his best friend also his business partner with his work and family.
He was stabbed at the back by the friend as the friend sold his companies made away with his belongings and killed his family.
This old man said he had no home to stay, no family to return to. He became lonely that he had to move away from the wicked humans that turned his whole life to darkness.

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