Why Mandatory Vaccinations Won't Work in America


Without a doubt, there is a concerted effort by the medical-industrial complex, aka Big Pharma, to coerce your conformity when it comes to getting vaccinated, not only twice, but in the case of Israel, twice two times a year with "booster shots." And that's coming straight from the mouth of Benjamin Netanyahu, the nation's current Prime Minister.

Four Vaccines a Year for Israeli Citizens!

We've watched in abject horror at the reaction of various governments worldwide to the pandemic. The official narrative was that the novel COVID-19 strain was a naturally occurring virus and that it originated from a seafood market in Wuhan where people bought and consumed bat soup. However, most of us quickly began to realize this was a lie because the response was unprecedented. And this was especially true for China.

Early into this thing, right around the beginning of the pandemic, I was made aware of the horrible truth, that the virus is likely human-made and includes a spike protein from HIV. So in the back of my mind, since last February was the thought: "are people who get COVID-19 going to test positive for HIV, and if so, how long will it take for them to succumb to the virus?"

To this day, I do not know how the spike protein in the virus will affect people in the long term and whether or not it will convey the same type of immunodeficiency that HIV does when it progresses to full-blown AIDS. Or, for that matter, if this could happen at an accelerated or decelerated rate, comparatively.

If you subscribe to the virus model as it gets presented by pop culture, then within 5-10 years of infection, HIV can lead to full-blown AIDS. Generally speaking, people with aids tend to die of pneumonia, and sometimes ground-glass opacity co-occurs in these deaths. And that's especially true in the case of HIV-Associated Pneumocystis Pneumonia.

Before you chalk this up to crazy-talk, one needs to bear in mind that in Australia, they halted a specific vaccine after several of their trial participants mysteriously came up positive for HIV after having received the experimental injection. It's hard to know if that's merely false-positive tests or real-positive tests after exposure to either the vaccine or COVID-19 itself.

There is also the strong possibility that due to the artificial way that the virus got engineered, that it may not be stable enough to withstand humanity's collective ability to nullify, adapt to, or thwart its intended effect. And this is the desired outcome, the one reality that we'd do well to accept into our lives. Or perhaps it's the road best traveled in the branching multiverse that is our path.

Granted, if Fauci is behind the funding of this accidental or intentional biological weapon, he'd probably fancy himself getting painted as the savior and get filthy rich in the process as opposed to getting charged with war crimes violations. As I see it, he's got nothing but contempt for Congress in his warbling wordplay, outright lies, and various other medical chicaneries.

Dr. Rand Paul vs. Dr. Anthony Fauci

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Jim Jordan Unloads On Dr. Fauci Over COVID-19 Origins

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Co-occurring with the allegedly deadly disease is a mighty push to make mandatory the various experimental injections. One could look at this motivation as three-fold. Either Big Pharma is just extra super greedy this time around. Or we are potentially looking at an extinction-level event. Then again, perhaps humankind is in its death throes, and we're hammering away at trying to find a solution that's a one-size-fits-all cure.

Suffice it to say, the collective of the American people are only idiots in fits and starts. If you gaslight us to the nth degree, eventually we call shenanigans and start building the proverbial gallows. I believe we are early in the calling shenanigans phase. I expect that in no time, for the sake of the country, indictments are coming down the pike. And by the time that happens, you'll start seeing rats panic and flee the ship en masse.

I'll borrow a quote from one of the greatest boxers alive, Mike Tyson. When speaking to people globally, our unchained spirits and unencumbered minds makes: "our style impetuous, our defense impregnable, and we're just ferocious!" I'm speaking to the iron will of everyone who knows who they are, where they stand, and why.

We cannot be defeated, and the only way that you as an individual can get defeated is firstly in your mind. Your mind is the space where all battles are fought and won or lost before they even take place. When we harness and use our will correctly, all on its lonesome, it serves as a devastating blow to the powers that be.

And this is without applied action. When correct and positive action gets added to the formula, we become unstoppable. I want to predict that the American people will set the standard and create the blueprint for how we'll overcome these strong delusions that are getting projected from the top down. However, the ball is still in play, and once one nation's people firmly puts its foot down, that'll be all she wrote. The standard will get set, and there will be a worldwide takedown of the NWO conspirators.

Until that day comes, look out for you and yours and do your best to influence those you can. It's a god damned tragedy that we've allowed these vaccines to hurt so many people, and by the time the real adverse effects kick in will be when they announce the "new and more deadly strain," and that will be the side effects from the vaccine. We can no longer fall for their enchantments and various other black magic. Now is the time to awaken and seize your empowerment!

Poetic Justice by Syko Rose

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