The Clown-Jiggity Doo-Wop

So, I recently came across a wildly cartoonish Reddit post. It wasn't archived on Reddit but rather on the Wayback Machine. And this is because Reddit mods are a rabid pack of social justice whiners. And were this a run-of-the-mill Disney flick, one would probably be well within their rights to give them the Old Yeller treatment.

Old Yeller, Come Back Yeller, Best Doggo.. BANG!!! | Video unavailable = Click Here

Thankfully for them, this ain't a Disney flick, and we've got laws around these parts about shooting idgits, but therein lay the problem, which is the crux of this censored Reddit post. So, I'll go ahead and sum up this person's predicament with my biased analysis of events and save us all some precious time.

An individual made a career change that required University credits and two years of on-the-job training. After completing the "higher education" prerequisites via Zoom, they attended the training. However, this individual had purchased their car used, and one of the bumper stickers was of the Union Jack, which is the de facto flag for the United Kingdom.

To whit, some asshole social justice whiner confused the Union Jack with Saint George's Cross, now these are two different flags, although the Union Jack does appear to incorporate Saint George's Cross in the design. However, Saint George's Cross isn't necessarily "racist" either.

What we're talking about here is symbols, microaggressions, or in this case, a micro non-aggression, and how people choose to take offense at the slightest of things. Suffice it to say; This is where events start to get even more fucky. The person offended by the decal contacts the police, and the police file a report.

Excerpt of the Reddit Post in Question (Full Image)

In the report, the incident is called "noncrime hate." So here we have the first problem. A peace officer is writing a police report against a civilian for a "noncrime." In reality, this should be a teaching moment for the person who was filing a false police report. They could've gotten charged with wasting police time. But that would make too much sense now, wouldn't it?

To add even more insult to injury, the police officer who's writing up a report about a "noncrime" dares to call the complaining party a "victim" because of the mind-reading acrobatics that they're doing into an automotive decal. Now, what might you ask, is the sum totality of this cluster of fucks?

Long story short, the prospective employer is no longer interested in employing the individual because they now have a police record of not committing a crime that somehow magically manifested a victim who got highly offended about things that didn't even happen.

The Union Jack as a Composite of Various Flags

In reality, the Union Jack flag is most likely a combination of St. George's Cross of England, St Andrew's Cross of Scotland, and St. Patrick's Cross of Ireland. But honestly, who gives a flying fuck about all this princess and the pea bullshit?

The woke mob could change the UK flag to a rainbow of all colors today, and by tonight the trolls at 4-Chan ("some, I assume, are good people.") will find a way to memify the fact that if you combine all the colors of light in the rainbow, it's sum mathemagical total is pure white! And this makes the rainbow quite possibly the most racist symbol on planet earth because of its inherent whiteness.

The IVORY G(ood)-B(oy)-Flag with token black text for added effect!

Any similarity this flag has with the LGBT Pride flag is pure coincidence. 👌

Hmm, yeah. All colors of light on the visible spectrum equal white. Taste the rainbow bitches! Ya'll are systemic parts of the white problem in all of the things and stuff. Save for black people; Everyone knows there's no such thing as black in rainbows.

The notion that there ever was is a Marxist conspiracy meant to harness black power by whatever memes necessary, even if that means co-opting every useful idiot that modern academia can produce at lightning speed. Now, if this post made you feel uncomfortable about being white or black, get the fuck over it. As they say, skin color is only skin deep.

Stay beautiful, people! (fnord)

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!"

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