Can You Effectively Protest COVID-19 Testing, Vaccines, and Masks?

How many of us have seriously asked ourselves this question? Besides, most people aren't going to wear the mask all the time because not only is it highly impractical, but it's also ineffective and potentially dangerous to our respiratory health. Additionally, the man in the video below insists the COVID-19 tests got sprayed in ethylene oxide. This substance is commonly found in antifreeze and is highly carcinogenic.


So these six blokes, who are concerned fathers, and their cameraman proceed to cooly walk over to the copshop in Bromley, England, on High St. like that slow-motion scene out of Reservoir Dogs when the main characters are exiting the diner in the opening credits. They walk in all calm and collected, but why you ask? They did it to report evidence of murder, of course!

Riveting, right? I know, very! So they effectively piqued the interest of the drone working at the front desk. Enough to get the attention of a senior officer, anyhow. As the Sergeant approaches the group a few minutes later, the fathers then present their evidence, proof of mass fraud, poisoning, and an overarching conspiracy that will target their children.

And this is why they're speaking with the enforcement branch of their local government. Not only to protect the kids but to save these police officers from themselves by adequately putting them on notice that they will be liable for whatever harm their enforcement actions bring to their community. It should suffice to say that concerned parents worldwide ought to note the actions taken by the men in this video. Perhaps this article will find its way to those who will study the model these guys set forth and turn it into a simple and actionable set of steps that any parent can easily follow.

However, you might ask yourself, what's the psychological effect of this? All you have to do is put yourself in the woman's shoes. She's a police Sergeant, but she could have given birth to a child of her own. If not that, surely she knows someone with kids. She will have to ask herself: What happens if she enables a child to get murdered by these experimental vaccines? Perhaps the parent of the dead kid will hold her personally responsible. And if that's the case, she's going to have to hope the parent doesn't turn to vigilantism.

I believe the safest move for the enforcer class is to distance themselves as far away from this culling operation as humanly possible. When the people realize the damage they've caused, the blowback is bound to get potentially violent and downright nightmarish. I hope that it doesn't get that way, but you can't expect people to calmly march and kneel in front of a hole in the ground knowing that they, or their young, are to get lethally shot.

London Police Station Gets Put on Notice.

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