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This is a Chain story passed between @zakludick and @therneau. Each writer authors a post based on the events of previous episodes and carries on the story.

There is very little collusion between the writers as it is challenging to discover and develop a story by attuning the writing to the partner's plot, style, and presentation.


Last Time on Space Lore ZT

Captain Freyai Cordine demanded that Thorne come over to their ship.

J5 embarrasingly suggested Thorne consider coppulating with Freyai, in order to strengthen their bond, in this newly developed partnership.


“Uhm, hi,” was all Thorne managed to muster as he looked towards an Auk’ilit, Cyborg, and a Cyclops.

“You’re clearly flustered by the conversation you had with J5,” replied the Cyborg.

“Specialist Aujuk,” he said, stepping forward and extending a robotic hand.

“Thorne Herm,” he said as he wearily took the Cyborg’s hand.

The two females looked on in silence, as the males followed their traditional human greetings.

“Thorne Herm,” Freyai spoke up, “Should I refer to you as Captain Herm?”

Thorne still looked awfully awkward, as he struggled to meet her gaze. He still wasn’t sure if the females heard the conversation above, or if the Cyborg was listening in through J5.

“No, no, Thorne is just fine,” he mustered.

“Very well. I’m Captain Cordine, and this here is Doctor Gragg.”

Thorne could swear the Doctor quickly managed to wipe a smirk off her face, as she cleared her throat.

“Ahem, pleased to meet you Thorne,” Doctor Gragg said, as her large eyelid quickly closed over and opened again.

‘Did she just wink at me? I’m sure in the Cyclops culture, they blink as a winking gesture,’ Thorne thought.

“Let’s get going,” Captain Cordine said, as she gestured towards the passage.

Specialist Aujuk took the lead as the party made their way toward the Med Bay. Thorne was stuck in the middle of the party, as Freyai Cordine walked behind him and Doctor Gragg.

Finally, he just couldn’t contain himself anymore. Doctor Gragg was walking side by side with him, so he drew up the courage to ask her.

“Did all of you hear what J5-“ the Doctor interjected.

“Loud and clear, Thorne Herm, loud and clear.”

She looked over her shoulder at her Captain, who had a slight smile on her face.

“I’m going to kill that stupid robot,” Thorne hissed under muttered breath.

“I’m sorry, Thorne,” he heard the Captain say, “I didn’t quite get that.”

He closed his eyes momentarily, before responding.

“Oh no, it’s nothing Captain.”

The party didn’t speak a word during the rest of the trip, which didn’t help Thorne’s awkward feeling. He tried distracting himself by looking on at the evolving ship. A complete evolution would be done in two days. Some parts of the ship had been completed, with various others constantly changing. It was truly a sight to behold, as no one aboard either of the ships had ever experienced such a thing.

Parts seemed to be moving by themselves. It wasn’t floating around but had a semi-translucent color to them. Where there was once a large flat panel, it had changed into honeycomb shapes, before settling back into a dull metallic color. There was no physical involvement by any members aboard the ships.

Just as they reached the Med Bay, the Cyborg suddenly stopped, then turned towards Thorne.

“J5 asked if you’ve considered his request regarding our Captain?”

Thorne threw his arms up in the air, “What?”

“J5 asked if you’ve-“

“No, just stop it already,” Thorne interjected.

Dr. Gragg couldn’t help but snicker.

“Isn’t it enough that I need to deal with one bot already?” Thorne sighed.

“Very well,” Specialist Aujuk said as he forged ahead.

Thorne shook his head as he followed. Dr. Gragg waited until she was side by side with her Captain, and Thorne could hear some incoherent whisperings by the two females.

“Here we are,” Specialist Aujuk said, gesturing toward Thorne to enter.

On the bed appeared to be a female species Thorne hadn’t seen before. Her features appeared to be feminine, which caused him to jump to the conclusion.

She had a blue lump in the center of her forehead, which looked like an animal horn that wanted to break through. Her skin was an off-white color, and the rest of her features were very human-like. Full lips, two eyes, and slightly pointy ears. She was propped up against the bed with a pillow, and a soft voice called out when Freyai Cordine entered.

“Captain,” she said.

“G’Keylle, how are you feeling?”

She blinked her eyes a few times before responding.

“My vision still comes and goes. Who is this human that walked in here?”

Freyai looked over at Dr. Gragg, who stepped in.

“You need to rest,” she said, as the Doctor started fiddling with some of the controls.

A few seconds later, G’Keylle fell back into a slumber.

Freyai drew a deep breath before responding.

“What do you think Doctor?”

“It’s difficult to say at this point. I don’t believe it’s the shortage of Oxygen that’s caused this,” she said, as she flipped through her computer screen, bringing up an image of G’Keylle’s brain.

“Do you see this spot right here,” she said, as she pointed to an area on the front lobe.

“There’s something about this color spectrum that’s not quite making sense. I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t want to make assumptions, but perhaps it had something to do with the impact earlier.”

‘The Ocophial,’ Freyai thought.

“I’ll need more time, Captain,” Dr. Gragg concluded.

“I understand. Thank you, Doctor.”

Freyai turned to Thorn.

“That bot of yours sure has caused us a lot of problems,” she said as she gestured towards G’Keylle.

“I almost had mutiny aboard my ship.”

“Wait, hold on a minute,” Thorn said.

“That bot isn’t my bot.”

“So, you didn’t buy it?”

“Yes, I did, but-“

“I thought as soon as humans use the word ‘but’, it’s usually followed by an excuse,” Freyai interjected.

“Yes, I know what you’re saying, but –“

“But again. Alright, we don’t have time for this.”

Thorne’s shoulders dropped as he freed the air from his lungs.

‘There’s no point,’ he thought.

“Let’s get to the bridge. I believe you’re a fine pilot yourself. J5 communicated this to Specialist Aujuk.”

“I guess so, but –“

“That’s quite enough but’s for one day. Let’s go.”


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