A real life loss that taught me a great lesson

We made so mistakes in our life , from small mistakes to big mistakes we all face then in our life. I am here to share my personal incident with all of you today.

Our mistakes are also there source of learning , we should learn from our mistakes so that we can avoid making a similar mistake in future.

I was trading among different exchanges today and I did a blunder. I initially invested $58 and i traded that and wanted to withdraw it when it became $67.

I unfortunately wrote a wrong memo due to which i have lost my currency. Actually when I was working and sending my Crypto from one exchange to another i was being disturbed by my sister.

images (10) (19).jpeg


She was again and again calling me for no reason and because of which i was not able to concentrate properly on what i was doing.

It's alright and i can't do anything about it but only learn from what i have faced today. I will try to work in a proper silent environment and also i will recheck the memo from next time.

I think if we can learn from our mistake then it is a good thing. Atleast you learn something.

Share your mistakes and lessons in the comments below so that people can learn from it as well.


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