Why Everyone Should Travel Outside their Home Country (At Least Once)

I’ve always been a fan of traveling. I’ve not come across many people who hate it, but I have come across people who have told me, “you know, I just don’t see the point in traveling because I’m happy where I’m at.”

Traveling isn’t just about being happy


I’ve never understood that feeling, and I recognize their ability to say and feel that way, but I fervently disagree. Traveling isn’t just about being happy, but it’s about expanding what you know about the world and pushing your comfort zone even further.

It’s not always a significant confidence boost, but I really think people grow a lot when they are forced to butcher some Chinese and use hand signals and translation apps to try and communicate with their landlord or the street vendor.

It makes you see the world in a whole different way when the language on the signs is entirely unlike anything you have ever seen and, well, for lack of a better word, foreign.

People need to see what it is like on the other side of the world and see for themselves what daily life is like because your hometown is not all there is. You need to grab the breakfast that people your age eat before they head to work in a different city.

Go and learn something new

Go and learn something new or see a place that you have only seen pictures of. Hike to the top of a mountain and look down on a city you have only spent a day in. Go to KTV with friends and stay there for hours singing in a language you barely understand, but with something everyone knows well: cheap beer.

The truth is, you won’t get any of that out there in your hometown. Instead, it will be the same as when you graduated high school and the same as it was when you returned home for the holiday break. So to truly experience life, you have to do something you have never done before.

After all, that’s what I did.

Traveling opened up my entire framework of how I see the world. Before, I only thought of the world in terms of where I had been, what I had experienced, and how I communicated with people.

It wasn’t until I was the foreigner in the night market trying to barter for stinky tofu that I really began to see that life is really unique. Now, my world is more diverse than you may ever know if you don’t leave the confines of your sleepy little town.

Everyone needs to travel outside their home country not for the sake of looking like a fool but to experience life. You need to know what it is like on the other side of the world, how they live and see that what you thought about your own life is just one small fraction of the truth.

You need to travel!

You need to travel to see that all those little worries you have every day are minuscule compared to the potential opportunities you could have across the globe. With travel, your entire world opens up, and your perspective changes. Once you leave your hometown, you’ll never return quite the same person as you were before, and that makes all the difference.


Written by Marie Soukup, experienced writer, editor, author, and freelancer. You can find me at marieselizabeth.com and fiverr.com/mariesoukup.

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