Comprehensive guide to Terrive

About 5 days ago @appukuttan66 ( me ) wrote a small post along with a sneak peek at Terrive. So this time let's take a deeper look at Terrive.


What is Terrive ? ( Answer in 30 words or less )

What is it that all of us Hiveans love ? ( forget finance and crypto for now ). You said Photography right !!?? If you didn't let's take a small look at the proof:

  • # photography is one of the most widely used tags on hive. At the time of writing it's in the top 3rd ( not bad huh ! )
  • Photography lovers is the top 4th Community based on the number of members with 6,939 and counting ( higher than Leo !! ).
  • 13 of the first 100 communities ( based on rank ) are only for photography and art !!

Awesome !!!

When people were heads to toes with finance and crypto , Hiveans got a gift - Leo. A frontend solely for the purpose of Finance. Terrive has a similar goal , but instead of Finance/Crypto it focuses on Photography/Videos.



You could also check the about page for a simpler version

  1. Decentralized and Immutable blockchain based Database

    By using Hive as a Database you own your content. All your content are etched to stone and permanent. ( I'm sure we all know about Hive so not going deeper into this )

  2. Self and Independent Image and Video Hosting

    Why is this important ? Did you know Instagram and Google Photos can modify and censor all your images/videos !! Even if I were to host them So the safest way to store your images and videos is to host them yourself on IPFS or Skynet. Or on your own servers.

  3. Share your Images, Albums and Short Videos.

    Terrive supports 3 types of posts - Images, Albums and Short Videos. There are no MB caps like on Instagram because you are hosting them yourself but there is a 30 second limit for Videos. The UI is pretty straightforward so I don't expect you to have any problems but if you can always go through @appukuttan66's previous post [LINK] which has a short descrition about posting all 3 with screenshots.

  4. Earn Cryptos for Posting and Curating content

    You might know about this but writing it down for non-Hiveans
    By Posting, Commenting and Curating content on Terrive you might get payed for it in $HIVE too !! You can also get payed in a wide range of hive-engine tokens like Proof-of-Brain and LUV ( these are just my personal favorites. there are a lot more which can be seen on Tribaldex ) .

    Word of advice - Don't do it for the money though, interaction is what matters most

Some Basic Ground Rules


image from unsplash

  1. Respect your fellow Hiveans

    Terrive respects your freedom of speech so it is also important for you to have an open mind and respect other's opinions too.

  2. No to plagiarism [ important ]

    Because Terrive is focused on Images/Videos posting random pictures from the internet as your own is a big NO. If you are using royalty-free images ( you can get them from sites like Pixabay , Pexels and Unspash ) make sure to at least link back to the site you got it from. Modifying and making enough changes for Royalty-free images ( like making hive based wallpapers from a image from pixabay ) is fine without attribution.

    Where to add the attribution ? You can add them to your post description or a comment the link inside the post ( if you ran out of space 😉 ).

  3. Don't use tags to turn your post into a Christmas tree [ important ]

Tags on the HIVE ecosystem are treated differently than on Instagram, for example. On Instagram, it is beneficial to use popular tags, even when they are irrelevant to the content, because the ultimate goal is for the image to gain visibility. The more followers an account has the better.

On the HIVE ecosystem, quality is paramount. Uploading a picture coupled with improper tags and thus authoring a post holds no benefit to the author if the traffic is unintentional. Rather than being beneficial, the tags can lead viewers to downvote (flag) the post and remove whatever rewards it could have otherwise received. It is always in the writer's best interest to use tags that accurately-describe the posted content.
- Source : @hivewatchers blog

This would apply to Terrive too, which is like a decetralized Instagram on the Hive ecosystem.

Technical details

Made with : Bootstrap .
Hosted on : IPFS using Fleek.
Login methods : HiveSigner
License : MIT
Code : appukuttan66/terrive
Release : v0.0.0-alpha.0
Release name : Dawn

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