Today morning my all activity

  • Today is Monday and it is the 26th of December. Like every day, when I woke up today, Fajr call was being made. When I went to do ablution, the water was very cold because the winter season has started. I performed ablution with cold water with difficulty and offered Fajr prayer.

  • After the Fajr prayer, I recited a few verses of the Holy Quran. After reciting the Holy Quran, I will go to the courtyard of my house. First I drank a glass of fresh water. Then I spent some time in the fresh morning air of recreation. Then I will go to the kitchen to make breakfast. First I made tea. Then I made parathas with desi ghee. And I also made local egg omelettes.

  • After cooking breakfast, I went to the children's room and woke up the children and refreshed them. Then I had breakfast with the children. Today is Sunday and my son has a day off from school. Today, my son hastily went to the seminary to read the Holy Quran. Today, after many days, the cold wave has reduced somewhat and the sun has fully risen. When my son went to seminary, then I would be busy with the housework. Then I will go to the market to buy supplies

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