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  • When a person hears the death of a loved one in a foreign country, his soul trembles that what has happened to him.


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    Today from Rawalpindi after his son Hasnain Khan's eye check-up. I went back to the coach in which I was sitting for departure to Mianwali. Chakkadala of resident A rainy young man was also sitting with tears flowing from his eyes. I was worried to see him. price. His wife and innocent son have had an accident in Mianwali but his relatives are not telling him the right thing. At the same time, DHQ Mianwali Trauma Center called his friend Mehdi Khan Moch and told that there was an accident involving a bike and a dumper on Tala Gang road and there were injured. Mehdi Bhai said that the innocent child has died and the woman is in the operation theater. While the biker has survived completely. This woman and child were sitting behind him
    Hearing this, my hands also started shaking, seeing my condition, that young man started crying and crying, my son died. encouraged him that his wife and son are injured, pray, just ride in the car. A mother of Moch Hamayun Khel also started encouraging him. One of the sons of this mother, who was constantly encouraging, was also killed some time ago. I kept thinking in my heart, I don't know what will happen to his heart when he sees the dead body of his innocent child. May Allah have mercy on his son. May Allah give health to the mother of this child. May Allah give this young man the courage to bear this trauma.
    God bless those young people who travel on bikes with their mothers, sisters, sisters-in-law and innocent children. Ride the bike carefully
    May Allah protect you from accidents, Ameen. Caesar Swansea
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