Canaries of Sydney - hear us for you are next


I am getting the feeling strongly we are running out of time fast.
Events in Sydney especially are reaching a point where society could hard-fork.
As a canary who cares; Please reblog, upvote, do whatever works to get the msg out on peoples screen.

Sydney is the WARNING siren.
The global elites spearheaded by the Davos Group WEF and the UN, WHO have been planning this power-grab for decades.

If you think this is a conspiracy, yes but fact not fiction. All out in the open as the best BIG lies are. Catchup with a crash course here, but you have a lot to learn fast.


Ignoring the origins debate of te virus, ignoring the pandemic issues, its clear to us awake and critically thinking minority in Australia that covid is being used to whip up mass hysteria, fear and allow personal freedoms to be removed while constructing a tyrannical govt police state under the guise of Protecting the public. Propaganda and censorship have eached insane levels and may be the thing that wakes up enough of the joe normies to stop the takeover.

For those well aware of our situation, I will not dwell on the drug of defeat, instead include a link to an excellent doco from the CorbettReport. Take the time to watch it.

HOPIUM click to watch the Doco.

Finally, if any one has any suggestions on legal ways to impede or frustrate this takeover, or competant legal aid in sydney for those arrested while walking outside. Please add links in the comments.
And get ready, cause this will be tried in your homes very soon.

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