Solitude (JOY & PAIN)

Solitude refers to the state of just being alone, isolated or secluded for a particular purpose. I believe solitude is a good thing but maybe at the same time its a bad thing too.

I believe one can choose to be in solitude for many reasons.
-Quiet time
-just to take air
-sometimes run away from immediate issues just to think straight
-To recuperate from something
Aside all these, i think the rest are just mere loneliness.

i think solitude helps alot in so many ways. sometimes one has to be in that lone isolation to get things straight, to really think and do justice to some situations. i can see why mostly even studying are been carried out in solitude cause its always with an open mind to anything and thats why we should be careful cause since the mind is open, anything can trip in. Some people run from their fears or from their problems into solitude in other to look for solutions on how to tackle issues.After the perfect timing, they are been forced to face it with courage cause reasonable thoughts during solitude will look like you just gained superstrenght.

many like to sometimes just take air especially when the view is awesome. At that moment they just want to be like the ocean.They let the mind be with without worries, be void of the thoughts of any problem.Some like to think atleast, even if it makes 5 minutes if their life free of the thoughts of life problems, its really okay.

Sometimes we dont want to ever show we are hurt and in the light of that, we always rob the pain with just ourselves. some isolations are basiclly hiding from people seeing us cry,seeing us face pain. in the outside we have the light, courage, boldness and even the smile alway. They dont know we get hurt too, we get scared at times, we even doubt many times but we won over those things during the fight with solitude.
The difference between solitude and loneliness is that sometimes solitude is base on choice and decision which attracts Joy but loneliness has to do with pain and it might not be by choice, you just find out there's really no one around.

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