Mango and it's story.

Everyone loves Mango. The season delight. Yellow pulpy fruit, have it in squash, have it in shake, enjoy the juicy pulp with each bite. The only fruit whose taste is unmatchable. As a kid this is the next to apple whose drawing we learned to draw.


The season started with many variety of Mango already available in Market. From small to big, to raw to ripe. We have all.the variety and enjoying the juicy fruit. But what in case the fruit turned out to be of different shape. One not of the original shape that a Mango used to have.


We have this Mango, and due to its unusual shape, I thought to share it will all. This is one unique Mango which is round in shape or an uneven shape and totally different from the one that we always known to. Completelly different from the usual Mango Shape.


Still it is ripe, and sweet. However due to its uneven shape, people started to figure out God/ goddess face in it. Like this one resembles like of Lord Ganesha, with the trunk towards right.


Well this is just an assumption, but Indian households are like that only. They are ready to figure out God in everything. And rightly so does in fruit as well. Looking at unusual.shape does create a sense of God's creation and rightly so try to find in it.

Not sure what the truth behind, but they never stopped themselves from enjoying the sweet pulpy fruit.


Namaste @steemflow

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